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are we really squeeky clean?

From the testimony in the FBI trial today. A witness claims he paid Football players from a list of schools between 2010-2014.

Guess who's name is on that list :(

Pitt, Penn St, Michigan,  Notre Dame, Northwestern, UNC, Alabama

Martin Blazer testified on Tuesday he paid football players from Pittsburgh, Penn State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Alabama and North Carolina.

Blazer said he would pay college football players anywhere from $100 to $3,000 per month from 2000-2013/14, usually by cash, sometimes by Western Union. He would send Western Union to friend, family member or girlfriend, he testified.

The context of all this is that Blazer was busted for many crimes—fraud, primarily—as a money manager and b/c of his experience in paying college football players, the federal gov't used him to spark its investigation into college basketball. That's why CFB was brought in today.

AdamZagoria: Blazer said he paid the family and associates of football players so they would ultimately choose him as their financial advisor upon turning pro.

Blazer testified he also paid football players from North Carolina & had a relationship w/ a Giants first-round pick. ‘I went down to North Carolina and developed a relationship and started paying these guys. I wasn’t the only one paying them. There were other agents involved’


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