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Pre-Spring Depth Chart 2019

Pre-Spring Depth Chart:

QB - Patterson OR McCaffrey, Milton
RB - Evans, Turner, Charbonnet
FB - Mason
WR - DPJ, Collins
WR - Black, Bell, Martin
TE - McKeon, Eubanks, Muhammad, All
LT - Runyan, Hayes
LG - Bredeson, Filiaga
C - Ruiz, Spanellis
RG - Onwenu, Spanellis
RT - Mayfield, Stueber
K - Moody

DE - Uche, Hutchinson
DE - Paye, Vilain
DT - Kemp, Jeter
DT - Dwumfour, Smith
LB - Anthony, Gill
LB - Ross, McGrone
Viper - Hudson, Glasgow, Solomon
CB - Hill, Thomas
CB - Long, Gray
S - Metellus, Hawkins
S - Daz Hill, Woods, Kelly-Powell
P - Hart

1. Who is going to fill the tackle spots on the OL?

2. Patterson or McCaffrey?

3. Who is going to be the bell cow at RB?

4. This offense looks eerily similar to last year, so why should we expect better results?

5. Total overhaul on the front 7 so how will that work out?

6. Can the offense carry the defense at the beginning of the season until they figure things out?

Go Blue!!


  • #3: Great question.  Evans is not the guy; he's an average back at best.  Tru Wilson is back next year, correct?
    #4: Sadly, we shouldn't.
    #6: I'm not counting on it.
  • Wilson is back but HOPE the freshman Charbonnet will be the best of the lot.
  • Wilson is back but HOPE the freshman Charbonnet will be the best of the lot.
    That would be the first time we've hit and developed on a high-ranking RB in a long, long time. Things didn't work out so well with us for Kelly Baraka or Kevin Grady or Derrick Green or a Kareem Walker…

    Go Blue!!
  • Much of our RB “problem” (aside from Greene who ate his way through college) has been an O-line & scheme/philosophy/play calling problem. 

    Our O-lines have been sub-par for years & I don’t care if you’ve got Herschel Walker lined up at RB if you can’t control the LOS you’re not going to run with any consistent success. 

    We’ve all bitched about the scheme/philosophy/play calling problems enough so no need to drag them in here. Back to the subject at hand...

    1. I’m very hopeful that there’s some young O-line talent about to burst in the scene. Let’s be honest, we’re due. We’re past due. 

    2. McCaffery, it had better be anyway. Until we have a QB who can consistently connect with his WR’s on the deep ball the Harbaugh O strategy will not work. You have to be able to take the top off the D to open up everything else we want to do.

    3. There won’t be one. RB by committee next season.

    4. I don’t know that we should expect better results. But it’s hard to look at that receiving corps & not get excited about the possibilities. If we’re not the #1 pass O in the B1G next season something’s wrong. Bad wrong. Open it up Harbaugh!!!! Foot on gas!!!!

    5. The D is going to struggle next year compared to what we’re used to. It looks like another year without a legit NFL DT & with serious question marks at DE & LB we’re going to need the secondary to step up in a big way. 

    6. Can they? Sure. The question is will they be allowed to? I’m afraid the staff will try to protect the D with the running game & we’ll end up in the same uninspired 1876 O rut we’ve been in. But hopefully Harbaugh has his “ah-ha!” moment this off season & realizes it’s time to unchain this O & let it run hog ass wild. We’ve got the O-line, we’ve got the WR’s & we should have the QB. It’s on the coaches to put them in position to succeed & attack, attack, attack!

  • Cross David Long off that depth chart. He's going pro.

    Go Blue!!
  • Ambry Thomas, come on down, you're next up.

    Go Blue!!
  • DT is a great question mark to me.  
    Kemp is out of position, unless he can become a poor mans Renes.
    I had hoped Dwumfour would have a break out year, but don’t expect much more next year.
    With Jeter being stuck on the pine, I’m hoping  Hinton and Smith can come in and make an impact.

    Im not worried about the offense, I have some blind faith that will get figured out with some incremental improvements year over year.
  • Hudson announces he's returning for his senior season. I didn’t even know he was thinking about going pro? I feel like he was a non-factor this whole year. I remember him being good for a few game misconducts for illegal hits.

    Go Blue!!
  • Hudson announces he's returning for his senior season. I didn’t even know he was thinking about going pro? I feel like he was a non-factor this whole year. I remember him being good for a few game misconducts for illegal hits.

    Go Blue!!
    Not only does he need to return to 2017 form.  He needs to lead that unit.  He has all the talent in the world.  If his heads on straight, he can be a huge impact player.

  • I think Hudson cemented himself as a captain for next year when he ripped into his teammates on the sidelines during the second half of the Peach Bowl. 

    That is the fire I want to see from a team leader. 
  • I was certain Hudson was going to have a breakthrough year (he dominated a couple of games in '17) but I can hardly recall hearing his name called in '18.  But good to have him back.
  • He seem to be lost to me for most of the season.
  • The targeting ejection Hudson received early in the season really appeared to impact his aggressive play. Also, that mofo is absolutely JACKED now, and it's possible to be too muscular to play effectively, especially at a position as physically demanding as Viper.
  • Hudson was easily the most disappointing player on the team this season. And that includes the liquored up crazy ass kicker. Hopefully he can return to his ‘17 form again for next year. 

    And I agree with zj, he’s bulked up too much. Time to spend a couple days a week doing yoga or something other than pumping iron.
  • We’re now complaining that our guys are too built? 
  • We’re now complaining that our guys are too built? 
  • Takes a lot more energy to sustain muscle, gents, which means hypertrophic athetes usually gas quicker. Muscle weighs more than fat, so a heavy body would logically move slower than a lighter body, especially on the same athlete. Hypertrophy also usually comes at the expense of a loss in flexibility.

    If you guys have better theory than why Hudson was a non-factor all year, I'm all ears.

  • Yeah not real sure why connecting the Hudson is bigger & slower at a position that requires quickness dots is so difficult for some of you.
  • Because that’s a bunch of crap. Hudson looked plenty quick against Florida, and aggressive. 

    Maybe he he was playing hurt and got well with the month off? Maybe the two targeting penalties he got earlier in the year made him hesitate just a bit? 

    But no. Let’s complain that he has too much muscle. Because that’s an easy explanation and sounds good. But the minute he gets trucked I’ll read on here about how he needs to get bigger. 

    Some Michigan fans aren’t happy unless they aren’t happy. 
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