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Diaz To Miami... Temple Job back open with Brown leading candidate?

SOOOOOOOOOOO in the world of WTF just happened

Temple Job is back open.... Do we Lose Don Brown now?????
And Temple is getting a 4 Million dollar buyout from a coach who was coach for 18 days. Miami fans should be pissed they could have had him 4 million dollars cheaper had Richt Just decided 2 weeks ago.

SB Nation’s Steven Godfrey reports that the two finalists Diaz beat out initially at Temple were Texas A&M defensive coordinator Mike Elko and Michigan DC Don Brown.
Please NOTE ELKO TURNED DOWN TEMPLE He was the first offered the job. So if the Finalists were Elko, Brown and Diaz and 2/3 are now out of the picture..

Scottsdale time to open up the Coaching rumor forum for a new DC.


  • I was thinking yesterday “geez Miami really got screwed with the timing of everything.” Guess not
  • The thing is and I hate to say this and admit it as much as I defend him.
    His Scheme is better at a Lower level of football. at BC years ago where the only top team they played were early years clemson  and ND. His scheme is amazing when your playing vs teams without ELITE qb talent. he even held ND to 3 points in a game they lost 3-0.

    The Florida game is a Mirage and I think anyone given it much thought is an idiot because the team quit in the 2nd half in a game they honestly didn't seem to want to play in the first place. 3rd game vs Florida in 3 years, 5 starters missing, In Atlanta instead of going somewhere warm ect ect ect. But OSU and other Elite QB's have found ways to gut Michigan for massive yards.

    I think Don Brown going to temple could have Temple winning The America East. His scheme works well vs lesser talent even with lesser talent. the flaw is when your playing against a r1 draft qb who can 3 step drop and burn you and is good enough scrambler to make you respect his feet. Then your just playing Man for Man with less coverage than they have targets and that a dangerous game that usually favors the Offense.

    IF He leaves who do we go after? We have the resources to make any DC the highest paid DC in the nation if we want them. Maybe someone like Bob Shoop who has Miss St #3 D in the nation. Or alot of people seem to think Chris Patridge getting promoted. who else on the list of possibly DC replacements?
  • I would not be surprised if they promoted Patridge to DC. He is the staffs best recruiter and he is too good to be a position coach forever, someone will come calling giving him a DC opportunity. 
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    Per Isiah Hole.

    At Around the 28:30 mark he talks about That a Good Source he has close to things believes that Michigan have already started Putting out feelers in the last 24 hours for a possible change at DC and that there is a good 50+% Chance that Don Brown Is Named Temple HC before the end of the week. Now this is the first reports coming out But Isiah Hole has been very spot on in things Including Dax Hill lately./
  • DB leaving doesn’t hurt my feelings one bit. I believe he’s hit his high water mark here & we have more to gain than lose in his departure.

    Statistically DB’s D is a monster no doubt about it. But those gaudy numbers haven’t translated into wins when it matters most. As a matter a fact DB’s D is a liability more often than not in big games. 

    Its been a lot of fun to watch & I hope, if DB leaves, he’s given a fitting farewell because he’s definitely played a huge role in resurrecting Michigan Football after the dark days of RR & Hoke. And hopefully his hyper aggressive fingerprints linger long after he leaves his post.
  • I’d be a little upset to see Don Brown go.  I love the fire and the style he coaches.  
    If he does go, I have zero doubt that Harbaugh will find the best possible candidate to fill his shoes.  At least on defense, we’ve been blessed with some of the best in the game.  

    I wonder what impact that a change would make to some of the potential returning seniors like Hill, Long, and Hudson.  Hopefully nothing.
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    Goblue88 said:
    Maybe someone like Bob Shoop who has Miss St #3 D in the nation.
    Seems like he'd be worth a look. His units were a disaster at Tennessee, but that program was a disaster. He did well at PSU, and pretty well at Vandy considering the talent deficit he was dealing with.

    Matt House from Kentucky may also be worth a look. With a steady experienced dude like Mattison on staff, I think it makes sense to go young, up-and-coming rather than chasing an old proven guy. (Seems like going the same route on O should be the deal, with JH being the old proven guy.)

    Along the same lines as above, if they do give Partridge a shot they may be better served doing it as co-DC with Mattison as Partridge has never been a DC at the college level.
  • Northern Illinois coach Rod Carey is expected to be the next head coach at Temple.

    Don Brown staying at Michigan at this point.

    Go Blue!!
  • Eesh...

    Even with great talent all over the field--save for at Safety--Brown's D was out-matched against a very good tOSU team. I don't know of many (or any) coaches in their 60s who decide to start doing things another way and succeed.
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