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8 team playoff within 5 years?

Looks like we will see Michigan in a playoff in the next decade.. once we can lose to OSU and still make it /s.


  • Considering the trend in place for high profile players looking to avoid a potential bowl injury and risk to their draft stock, I was wondering how the ‘power brokers’ in CFB try to minimize the impact that negative marketing impact to high profile, non playoff bowl games.
    It certainly seems like a way to get another two showcase playoff games, more money, appease the power 5 conferences (perhaps not  guaranteeing spots, but allowing them more room, or do they guarantee a spot), more money, and expanding the marketing reach and viewership from a wider audience; more money.

    How does this negatively affect bubble teams playing in conference championships, where a loss could put them jeopardy of missing the playoff to a team that didn’t reach their conference championship?
    I can definitely see having to play that extra game sometimes being a huge detriment.
  • Maybe if they expand to 8 teams we can finally stop hearing about this bullshit debate between the best team vs. the most deserving team?!?!  I am so sick of hearing them talk about that on ESPN.  
  • 5 guaranteed spots regardless of ranking or win/loss record: B1G, SEC, ACC, PAC12, Big 12 and then 3 at-large bids.  At-Large can be decided by highest ranking/win vs loss record, or whatever idea smart people can come up with.  Example from the current rankings would be Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Washington with at-large teams being Notre Dame, Georgia, and either Michigan or UCF.  I would throw a bone to UCF and put them in above Michigan. 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5 or Bama vs UCF, Clemson vs Georgia, Oklahoma vs Notre Dame and OSU vs Washington.   Theoretically you could reseed teams based on win/loss record but I like the idea of giving the top 5 positions to teams that actually win one of the major conferences.  This is just a made up by me scenario but that would be fun to watch!

    GO BLUE!
  • Eight teams would be perfect. Then the committee could include the entire SEC West, and the SEC East winner every year.
  • They need to dump the whole conference championship idea and just get the best 8 teams. Period.
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