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WEEK 5: MICHIGAN (#14) @ Northwestern 4:30 PM EST on FOX GAMEDAY THREAD



  • Why can't we throw a slant like that.........
     93 yard TD for PSU. We get like 10 slants thrown against us a week for free first downs but we never use the play. must be nice to have a real OC
  • This had a trap game written all over it. Penalties nearly cost us. Offensive line played fine. Patterson was given time, but receivers couldn’t get separation, and Shea at tom s looked hesitant to throw. Nice resilience to come back from 17 to win on the road
  • Honestly this was Utah, Iowa, Florida St, South Carolina the 2 home games vs MSU... games we should have won but did everything to give it away. Well this time we finished the job
  • Purdue put up 42 on the Nebraska today...and Purdue lost to Eastern Michigan - perspective.

    Go Blue!!
  • Win.  Move forward with lots to fix.

    Gary is a one armed man right now.  

    Higdon is is a baller.

    Shea can pull the zone read and get plenty with his feet.  Need more of that.

    Winovich is a beast.  Held plenty, not one call, especially on the last drive.

    Gentry cannot block his shadow.

    McKeon is no where near the player he was last year.

    DPJ is not 100%.  

    Nico Collins has no effect after catch.  He’s more interested in dancing than getting his frame up field... hec he could have fallen foifir more yards than he got.

    Dwumfor showed up.  No. 50 caused some havoc and Uche and Paye cleaned up.

    Offensive play calling is pedestrian at best.  Going for it at midfield down 10 was almost a back breaker.  Just bad.

    Penalties are killing this team.  Extending drives and killing the offense.  
    The B1G officials need to be held accountable for the crap show as well.  That holding call made from the side judge 20 yards away is something I’ve never seen. 

    Happy with the moxy the kids showed in spite of the start, but they have a lot of learning to do.
  • Absolutely pathetic.  I am beyond done with Harbaugh. Good recruiter, ZERO imagination.  Higdon up the middle, Higdon up the middle, and oh, Higdon up the middle.  On top of the ridiculous play calling was the fact that this team was not even remotely ready to play football.  And that is coaching.  And the never-ending penalties? (yes, there were a few that were mind numbing) and that is coaching as well. I love that were jamming our corners except for the fact that they can't cover anybody without holding them. Again, coaching.  What an embarrassment. 

  • It didn't go down the way most if us wanted, but they got the win and overcame some adversity.

    Tell these kids it wasn't a good dude game, and that's really what it's all about.

  • Deep Blue said:
    Awful call on higdon 
    Absolutely, wrong call on Higdon. I have watched that replay a dozen times and I don't see Higdon holding. Watching the replay I did see what looks like a hold from Gentry, not Higdon. Ref got so excited he could call holding on Michigan he got the wrong player.

    video at:
  • Here's JH's take on the Higdon hold. If they stand behind that the call was on the RB then the proof is on film how bad a job they did officiating on that play.
    Check out @chengelis’s Tweet:
  • zjgm02 said:
    It didn't go down the way most if us wanted, but they got the win and overcame some adversity.

    Tell these kids it wasn't a good dude game, and that's really what it's all about.

    For them to come back from down 17 on the road was a good win no matter how poorly they played!  This team showed a lot of character to come back like they did.  I know Northwestern hasn't been as good as they were expected to be, but for whatever reason, Fitz always gets his team jacked up to play Michigan.  And Thorson was probably about as healthy as he's been since his injury especially with them coming off a bye.

    Last year that game would have been a loss so I'm going to take that Win and run!!!
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