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  • Some general background on this.

    Since the Nike returned as primary sponsor (and especially regarding the Jumpman team gear) the amount of stuff distributed to the program has been limited. The players and staff are well provided for but the extras items have been drastically limited. 

    For a long time team gear would occasionally find its way to Nike outlets and unused stuff would be distributed at the athletic department garage sales. I've been going to these sales for over 20 years and the quantity of stuff is much more limited under the new contract. This has made the price of the stuff explode on the secondary market.

    A lot of the stuff never is publicly available but is traded and/or sold between collectors.

    A few weeks ago shoes and cleats starting showing up around town. I was told that the program had dumped defective pairs and that people had raided the dumpster. It sounded fishy to me considering what a tight rein that Nike kept on stuff. 

    It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.
  • Expect an update tomorrow when Harbaugh takes questions after practice.

    Well, maybe not an update but a few grunts at least.

  • Who would pay $800 for a pair of shoes.  That's just stupid!
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