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Meyer Suspended

Well, well, well. Looks like all the shady things and the win no matter the costs attitude of Meyer might have finally caught up with him. 

However, I don’t believe for a second that Ohio State will actually fire him. They don’t have the onions to do the right thing. 

My guess? He’ll be suspended maybe half the season, or maybe the whole season if they are feeling extra “brave.” And Meyer will be forced to complete sensitivity counseling and he will do a sit down interview and talk about how this whole thing has changed him and how he is closer to God now blah blah blah (note I am saying that only because it’s the same song and dance he put out there when he took the OSU job). 

Thats the the part that has always pissed me off about Meyer. We all know he is a win at all costs scumbag but then he portrays himself as a Christian family man living by Christian values. 
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