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Hello all

I am really struggling. My brother passed away on July 6th, and I have really struggle to just to get out of bed. It’s weird because I am from Columbus and he was a Buckeyes football fan, but a Michigan basketball fan. He was a parade all American in b-ball and everyone wanted him to play at osu. Everyone except him, but with us not having much money to travel he signed with Osu so my parents could watch him play. He, as you probably could imagine, was miserable and left the program and just was tired of playing all together. Even as he played for OSU he would call me to find out how Michigan did If they played. This was the 89 season and he always had that regret knowing he should have been on that National Championship team. I live in Florida and he still lived in Cbus and we talked all the way through the game against Nova. Being a quick and sudden death had made this really hard on us. Not to mention that on both sides of my family starting the day after Thanksgiving of 2016 we have lost 17 family members and I have 2 aunts that are both in hospice one is given 2 weeks maximum and they have stopped treating her and just keep her on morphine. To say it’s been tough on us is an understatement. I just need to hear some word of encouragement just to help me through this. Even from those that I don’t know but have the love of Michigan. 


  • I lost a few family members this year too :( its not easy just hang in there brotha we got alot of stuff to make us happy coming very soon.
  • Eric I am so sorry for your loss and your famiky’s Struggles since thanksgiving. I have not lost a close family member but I can’t imagine the pain you are experiencing. Warm thoughts and wishes to you and your family. Keep your head up and keep plowing through. At least Michigan football is here in a month to destract you a little bit. 
  • Remember the good times & be appreciative for the time you did get to spend with your loved ones.

    I’m sure you learned many lessons from each of the family members you’ve lost & so long as you continue to apply those lessons & values to your daily life they’ll never be completely gone as you, & all the other people that they touched, carry a small piece of them into the future. 

    Do your best to get back on your feet. No matter how difficult getting out of bed, working & exercising are good for the mind, body & soul. 

    It is always darkest before the dawn.

  • A few days ago we had a family friend pass away unexpectedly. It sucks. 

    I can't imagine losing that many family members over such short time. :(
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