OSU will never learn - Urban put on paid administrative leave

edited August 2018 in Michigan Football Talk

According to the 2009 police report obtained by McMurphy, the Smiths got into an altercation in which Zach Smith "picked (Courtney Smith) up by grabbing her T-shirt and threw her against the bedroom wall located upstairs in their apartment."

"We are not going to comment at this time on the situation regarding Zach Smith," the statement read. "This is a personnel matter and we don't typically discuss such matters publicly. We are continuing to monitor."

That feels insufficient, considering the public stance Meyer has taken against domestic violence issues in the past. Throughout his coaching career, Meyer has been public about the core tenets of his program, one of which is "Treat women with respect." In a 2009 interview with Sports Illustrated, Meyer said "If you touch a female, I don't want to hear she hit you first."

Yeah, Meyer is so concerned about abuse, the first incident happened in 2009, another in 2015, and the Protection order in 2018. The only reason for Smith's firing is that all this came out in the public, and he can justify firing him. 

Notice in the article that Meyer publicly criticized him for his position groups performance, but buries his abuse record, and now that Smith's grandpa has passed away, Meyer can fire him and not have to answer to Bruce. This makes me so sick to my stomach, to endanger your wife and your unborn child. 

You would think that OSU would have such a short lease on all their programs after the Tressel debacle. But, no it is win at all cost, just make sure you keep everything under the rug and out of the public eye. 

To add fuel to the what did Meyer know before fire, it is reported that Meyer advised Smith to look for another job prior to Smith's firing. Reminds me of the Pope sending pedophile priests to other parishes every time there are incidents.

Will this cause OSU to finally rot from within?



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