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First round of 2018 Draft by Stars


7 5 star
9 4 star
13 3 star
1 2 star
2 Unranked

Identifying talent=/=Stars although the blue chip 5 star players may be a good hit rate the high 3 vs low/mid 4 star talent is basically no difference and comes down to coaching/fit/ect.


  • Maybe more interesting is the top 10 picks:
    1 - 5 star
    6 - 4 star
    3 - 3 star

    Top 9 was 6 4-stars and 3 3-stars, until 5-star Josh Rosen was taken at 10.
  • When it comes to stars and success, Tom Brady is a lasting lesson for everyone.  At certain positions, what's between your ears (intelligence and the refusal to quit or accept losing) is way more important than how fast you are or how much weight you can lift and push.
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