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Final Rival Rankings skyrocket Michigan Basketball class

"future teammates making notable moves were Michigan-bound big man Collin Castleton and point guard David Dejuilos, who rose a combined 78 spots to finish at No. 85 and No. 93, respectively."

Brandon Johns up 8 to 57 overall

Colin Castleton up 42 spots to 85 overall

Dejulius up 36 spots to 93 overall

Ignas Brazdeikis is not ranked due to being an international but is 5 star on Rival

Pretty sure this class is now either directly in competition or passes the 2012 class with Mcgary/GR3 on both major sites. And we now have 4 of the top 93 players on rivals.

and on 247/scouts
Scouts 2012 class 5 players Avg Rating: 0.937
scouts 2018 class 5 players Avg Rating: 0.9398 (and scouts has yet to release its final ranking)

This class could be special and maybe a return trip to the National Title game in the next 3 years and maybe winning it could be on the horizon.
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