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Recruiting answer if I were in charge of NCAA

if you commit to a school you have 180 days to decommit. Not only can the player de-commit the school cannot pull the scholarship. Unless the player cannot qualify academically. 


  • Would this be from when they sign a letter of commitment? The problem I see with that is 180 days puts you into August when most fall camps have already started and kids are already enrolled. 

    I feel like like once you are officially enrolled at the school that’s it. You are locked in. And problems I see with this is opposing coaches still calling/texting players trying to get them to flip.  
  • No no just from committing... for instance last year we lost 2 big time recruits both were committed well over a year in the meantime we turned other kids away one being a local kid because we had another guard Emil Eyokifor (I probably misspelled his name) in the fold. The when he de-committed the instate kid felt slighted and went elsewhere. No one forces you to commit to a school but if you give your commitment the. You have 180 days to change your mind. That’s 6 months that’s enough time for other schools to still recruit you and change your mind. I would also add coaxing change and or academic reasons as the only reasons allowable to de-commit. I think it will make kids take their time in choosing schools. I think it will stop knee jerk reactions. Sometimes getting the offer from your dream school makes you commit, but in hind sight you really don’t fit what the schemes of that school. 
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