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Spring Game Cancelled

Michigan spring game cancelled.

Also, they won’t reschedule because they leave for Paris next week. Haha

Go Blue!!


  • WTF?!?

    I wanted to see some Michigan football this week, no matter how ugly and pedestrian.
  • Harbaugh must've traded in his iron jock for Victoria secret…

    Go Blue!!
  • So it's supposed to rain and not even sniff 50 degrees on Saturday, so this is understandable.  I worried that the O-Line is so bad Harbaugh doesn't want anyone watching them struggle.  Reading between the lines of the interviews I've seen/heard seems like they are getting manhandled by the defense. 

    I can't take another long year, bros.
  • We are also going to have another elite D line this year.

    The OL is saying all the right things this spring...but my guess is they are just getting steam rolled. My boy Ed Warinner has his work cut out for him...

    Go Blue!!
  • Bummer. Michigan always has the worst luck when it comes to their Spring Game. 

    Ive been watching the Amazon series getting pumped for the Spring Game. Oh well, just gotta wait till Labor Day now. 
  • Like Scottsdale said, our D-line should be elite.  They will be manhandling a lot of O-lines this year so I'm not too concerned to hear those reports.  And how long has Warinner been officially on the job?  It takes time to make diamonds out of the coal that Warinner inherited!

    I'm bummed about the cancellation.  I'm like you BHF.  I've been watching that Amazon series and it's got me jonesin' for some Michigan football!!!  I was looking forward to seeing the 4 QB's and who, if any, are separating themselves to be the leader coming out of spring...
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