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Michigan Football Documentary on Amazon

Any one watching this series?  I have made it through three episodes.  Kinda painful to watch considering how poorly the season turned out.

Interesting to watch Harbaugh's approach and the way he coaches.  Not what I expected.

Don Brown on the other hand is intense.  I enjoy his fire especially at his age.  If things don't work out with JH, I think he'd be a good replacement.


  • My big question is why it took so long to put the final cut together.  HBO puts Hard Knocks together in nearly real time, and Showtime has done the same when they followed Notre Dame, FSU, and Navy around for a season.

    Is the issue a limited budget with Amazon, or the Sports Information office going overboard on what they will/won't approve?
  • I've gotten thru the 1st four episodes so far.  

    One of my biggest takeaways so far is regarding the QB's.  Speight seems to think he's better than he is for some unknown reason.  He comes across as not wanting to take the blame for anything and he also likes to ignore playcalling (as if he knows better???).  How he didn't get benched before he was injured is beyond me.  And then there's JOK.  I think he let his success in bringing them back against Purdon't go to his head.  Then he was brought crashing back down to earth in that MSU debacle and never seemed to get things straight after that.  It's too bad that the coaches didn't adjust to the weather in that MSU game either?!  Not much JOK can do trying to throw in that monsoon when you had Higdon completely forgotten about despite the fact that he was averaging almost 6ypc in that game.  Clearly they learned from their mistake as Higdon went off in the next game vs. IU!  But the damage had already been done with JOK...

    Other takeaways are that I don't feel as negatively toward Pep as I have.  Honestly, I don't know who could work with Speight or JOK and make them better???  Pep would have had to've been a miracle worker to make them competent!  The coaching was there.  The execution from Speight and JOK was not!!!  Neither Speight or JOK were highly recruited QB's coming out of HS and I think we all see why.  They may have had high ceilings, but they never came close to reaching those heights!  Now, moving forward, Pep has a stable of highly recruited QBs to work with so I am very interested to see how he does in developing QB's to live up to their potential!!!

    I LOVE DB!!!  That dude has got some serious fire!!!  You can tell he won't take shit from anyone!

    And how about the passion of Rashawn Gary???  I have a feeling he is going to have a special season this year.  Especially with Chase coming back.  Those two could be one of the best, if not THE best DE tandem in the country!!!

    And lastly, for the love of God, can we please just make Karan Higdon our feature back???  I just love the way he runs!!!

  • Finished it the other day.  The osu episode was brutal.  I really think Mettalus dropping that INT in the first quarter doomed them.  He intercepts that and we probably march down the field and go up 21-0.

    The last episode was tough too.  Watching them call that FB dive and realizing they had a TE in there and not calling a TO was brutal.  Another game coster.

    hopefully with the cameras out of there the team can focus on getting back to winning.  I'm sure by the end of the season they were tired of the cameras.

    but seeing Chase say "I can't let it end this way" after the loss to usc was awesome.  You know he's going to be on a mission this season
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