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Amani Toomer BLASTS Jim Harbaugh’s first 3 seasons

“I’m really upset with how Harbaugh has been at Michigan — 1-5 vs. Michigan State and Ohio State,” Amani Toomer said. “Only beat Michigan State once last year, the rest of the times it’s a loss. I think he’s not performed as well as I thought he should, hasn’t turned the program around. Him and Brady Hoke are neck-and-neck with the records, maybe a game or two off. He hasn’t won anywhere.”
“The fact that we’re mired in mediocrity and accepting it, that’s not what I think of Michigan,” Toomer added. “I don’t think of Michigan as an 8-3 team and being excited because we have Michael Jordan’s shoes. I don’t care about shoes, I don’t care about going to Rome, I don’t care about any of that stuff. We are an also-ran team in the Big Ten now, and it’s embarrassing.”

Go Blue!!


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