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Lions vs Falcons

 Just when you think that the officials in the NFL couldn't job the Lions anymore than they have over the years here comes another one. Replays are iffy at best his knees down ball is touching goal line.... and for the sake of argument if it's not a touchdown then thank you officials for getting the play wrong and having a 10 second run off so that the Lions can at least have one last shot on fourth down with eight seconds to go. SMH 


  • First and goal at one you should make a TD in three plays.
  • First and goal at one you should make a TD in three plays.
    That's true but with under 20 seconds and no timeouts, you have to throw it every play and cannot run it.

    Go Lions!!
  • Pretty funny never seen a team lose in such weird ways as the Lions.  Calvin Johnson rule and the non call on Dallas for PI comes to mind.  However Stafford did over throw the pass before the last play and did under throw the last play.
  • Though growing up in the metro Detroit area, I’ve been blessed to never become a diehard Lions fan.  
    Weird, but I actually was more of a Steelers fan as a kid.  I guess it stems from the fact that I saw more Steeler games on TV as a kid.

    That said, I still find it crazy that one team can be as cursed as the Lions.  Sure, much of the history is self inflicted, but moments like yesterday are real head scratchers.
    How can they say with absolute certainty that the knee was down?  
    On top of that, the erroneous call penalizes the team the call was made for?

    Only the Lions.

    I already hate the Lions for creating “the process” of a catch, that even today has no concrete definition. 
    Let’s not forget that that ‘process’ garbage had a hand in Michigan losing at Rutgers in 2014.  Anyone with some sensibility would agree that Darboh caught that ball.  But when the process gets applied, all logic evaporates.

    Dammit, it still makes me angry.

    Sadly my son has become a Lions fan (though Michigan though above all), so I support his pure 9 year old football heart and try to temper his hopes without prejudice.

    The funny, yet sad part, after the call was made and the Lions lost, he simply walked out of the room saying “that can only happen to the Lions”.

    Only the Lions.  So true.
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