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WEEK 3: Air Force @ Michigan (#7) GAMEDAY THREAD

Michigan opens as a 26 point favorite over Air Force. Ok week 1, Air Force beat VMI 62-0 and rushed for over 450 yards. They did not play in week 2.

Things I want to see:

1. I said this in the Cincy thread, but it should be reiterated....Bo always preached these type of games are gonna happen, you can't get "up" for more than 5-6 games every year and the others you have to work thru. We definitely had to work thru yesterday and with a young team there is a lot to work on. The good news about a young team is they are coachable.

2. Speight more consistent with downfield passing game. He did not play bad against Cincy, but he definitely missed out on some throws to help stretch the game out and pad the lead. Instead, we were fighting our own demons and lost momentum which kept Cincy in the game. I want to see us take advantage of our situation and make plays that not only when we have to but in the middle parts of the game to help extend the lead.

3. Defense in this game is all about discipline and staying in your lanes and making the plays you are expected to make. Know your responsibilities and make the plays where they come to you. Do not try to do too much because that's when the hole opens up and a big play occurs.

What do you think about the game and what do you hope to see (besides a W)?

Go Blue!!


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