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Detroit Free Press Back to Being Stupid

edited August 2017 in Michigan Football Talk
Harbaugh's unconventional methods with U-M depth chart have gone too far

Michigan football wants it both ways. Wants media coverage, the hype and buzz that generally goes with that, and a variety of places for its fan base to brush up on all things Wolverines.

But it doesn’t want to do what almost every other program in America does to help that cause: Release its fall roster.
Or, for that matter, release a depth chart during the season.

Now, some of you — or perhaps most of you — don’t care how secretive coach Jim Harbaugh is regarding his team’s depth chart. You just want him to win.

...His unconventional methods have helped rebuild U-M’s program in a hurry. And yet, some unspoken arrangements don’t need upending.

Sharing a little info about the team each week is one of them. The proof is in the winning in places like Tuscaloosa, Columbus and Clemson.

Yeah, because winning is driven by sucking up to the local media.

Drew Sharp may be gone but the Free Press remains the home of whiny lazy journalism.


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