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Michigan season win total set at 9. Over or Under?


  • edited May 2017
    I'll go over, but don't see them getting more than 10.  I'd like to say 9, but that's why the over/under is set at 9.

    Probably 3 losses to the group of Florida, Wisconsin, tOSU, the bowl game, and a team they should beat (PSU or MSU maybe) since they've lost at least once to an inferior team in Harbaugh's two seasons.
  • Sat., Sep. 2 v. Florida in Arlington (TX) - W

    Sat., Sep. 9 v. Cincinnati - W

    Sat., Sep. 16 v. Air Force - W

    Sat., Sep. 23 AT Purdue - W

    Sat., Oct. 7 v. MSU - W

    Sat., Oct. 14 AT Indiana - W

    Sat., Oct. 21 AT PSU - W/L

    Sat., Oct. 28 v. Rutgers - W

    Sat., Nov. 4 v. Minnesota - W

    Sat., Nov. 11 AT Maryland - W

    Sat., Nov. 18 AT Wisconsin - W

    Sat., Nov. 25 v. OSU - W/L

    Sat., Dec. 2 - Big Ten Championship Game - W

    12-0, 11-1, 10-2

    The days of losing to teams we should not lose too won't happen this year as we don't have any away trap games. The only potential losses I see on the schedule are AT Penn State and Ohio State at home.

    Go Blue!!
  • Under. Why? Because someone around here has to take the dissenting opinion.

    Fla. is far from a guaranteed W. Until I see the UofM win big games I'm going to assume they're incapable of it.

    IU has trap game written all over it.

    PSU again until we win big games...

    tOSU again until we win big games...

    Thats 8-4. Hopefully I'm proven wrong.

    If we weren't playing over/under though I'd say 9-3 is exactly where this team will end up. Losses to Fla., PSU & tOSU. 

  • I'm worried about the road games...Michigan hasn't played well on the road for a while-- even before Harbaugh it was a problem.

    We've been lucky at times on the road under Harbaugh (2015 Indiana, Minnesota) and flat when it counted (2016 Iowa, OT OSU).  

    This season the opener, Penn State, and Wisconsin worry me. 

    I think that Vegas is spot on at 9 wins but I'm not going to bet against Harbaugh-- damn the torpedoes I'm picking 10 wins.
  • A sports book in Vegas set odds for some games this season. Michigan opens as a 15pt favorite over MSU, an 8pt dog against OSU and a 14pt dog @PSU. All those numbers sound ridiculously high.

    Go Blue!!
  • I'd put $ on the PSU game with that spread. The other two not so much. 
  • Over...time to start winning the big ones...Must be Playoff contenders this year. 
  • edited June 2017
    ...or what?

    We were playoff contenders last year. This is not the year. Too young. 2018 though-look out. 
  • 10 wins for Michigan. That PSU line is insane. I think people are really over-hyping PSU this year. 
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