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Football Performance Center Coming to Schembechler Hall

U-M is asking the Board of Regents to approve an architect for a $14.8-million sports performance center project, which would renovate "approximately 24,000 gross square feet and construction of additions totaling approximately 8,000 gross square feet is planned that will create state-of-the-art spaces for training, recovery, and nutrition; as well as team meeting rooms, administrative space, and support staff locker areas."

Based on the map attached to the proposal, the area between the Towsley Museum and the Oosterbaan Fieldhouse would be most affected. That is the part of the building that was not included in the 2014 renovation.

It would be supported by athletic department resources and gifts. There was a point in February 2016 when coach Jim Harbaugh said he hoped to partner with Tom Brady on one of his TB12 facilities like he has in Foxborough, Mass. This may be an extension of that plan.

It's a separate project, in addition to February's approved weight room project that was scheduled to cost $21 million. Harbaugh has actively raised funds for that project, including holding a golf tournament last year with that as a goal.

That project was more specific about "a 32,000-gross-square-foot weight room, including a 5,000-gross-square-foot mezzanine level."

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