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Baylor Football-- In Deep Trouble

The woman's lawsuit asserts that the members of the Baylor football team had "already developed a system of hazing their freshman recruits by having them bring or invite freshman females to house parties hosted by members of the football team. At these parties, the girls would be drugged and gang raped, or in the words of the football players, 'trains' would be run on the girls."

The lawsuit alleges that the gang rapes were a "bonding" experience for the players and that photographs and videotapes of the "semi-conscious" girls were taken during the assaults and "circulated amongst the football players."

The lawsuit says a 21-second videotape of two female Baylor students being gang-raped by several football players circulated among the team.

"Simply put, Baylor football under Briles had run wild, in more ways than one, and Baylor was doing nothing to stop it," the lawsuit says.

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