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Hi all

hi everybody, I wanted to say hello, and let people know that I plan on being more active in the near future. I have been absent since last year, when I suffered my second heart attack at 39 yo. Thankfully both times, have been while working in my EMS profession, and treated by an attentive Medic Partner both times. I have been heart cathed for a second time, with multiple with stint placements. I also have some heart valve issues now as well. With that said, I was informed to eliminate major stressors in my life for a period of time, to heal properly. Unfortunately, I have had to give up my career, my passion, my calling in life, with both Fire/Rescue and EMS services as a Critical Care Paramedic of 12 years. With that, I also stepped away from Meeeechigan football for a season as well, anybody that paid any attention to me on game day knows why. LoL so, now 18 months later, I feel great, have a new career path, and am welcoming back Meeeechigan football back into my life this fall! I'm so far behind on current stuff, so bare with me, if I ask perceived dumb questions, I have seriously not paid any attention to the program to date. Anyways, I hope everybody has been well, healthy, and happy in our year of 2017! Also, wanted to thank the several members who checked up on me, due to my absence recently, it's VERY much appreciated! 


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