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Sportscaster Accuses Jabrill Peppers of doing drugs-- gets fired...

On Wednesday morning, ESPN 850's Real Big Show created a stir when contributor Sabrina Parr accused Cleveland Browns safety Jabrill Peppers and offensive tackle Joe Thomas of doing drugs.

“Listen, the guy’s not going to make it. He’s not going to make it through the season," Parr said of Peppers.

"I told Hammer (co-host Aaron Goldhammer) last week he’s another Josh Gordon. I’m telling you, I’ve seen it first-hand, Rizz [host Tony Rizzo], from a different vantage point, and it’s the same thing all over again. How are you already high out of your mind when you’ve only been here for a week?"

She then clarified that she was talking about Peppers and explained her accusations of him.

"We’re talking about Peppers! And he’s not going to make it because he’s on the lean. And the molly.”
According to Urban Dictionary, 'lean' is a mixture of promethazine with codeine, Sprite and Jolly Rancher candy. 'Molly' is another form of ecstasy.

Update: Awful Announcing has heard from multiple sources that ESPN 850 has parted ways with Parr in the wake of this incident.


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