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MSU meltdown continues (3 players 1 staff now suspended for sexual assault)

Rumors going around today of a Fight Involving some MSU student athletes over the weekend (language in video is NSFW)

Aparently atleast 3 of those involved are MSU players. and rumors flying that Donnie Corley, LJ Scott and Josh King were involved and May be Kicked off the team... Other sources are saying the rumors are false But 2 other names Demetric Vance, and Kenny Lyke have also apparently been linked by other sources.. So who knows but Apparently some Charges are supposed to drop linked to that fight/robbery/beating and word on the street is that some of those charged will be some of the MSU players listed above.

Not to mention another potential starter just quit football..

Looks like Dantonio has lost control of his team.

3 football players and 1 staff member suspended in response to sexual assault allegations.....

Aparently this was the big Scandal and not the fight however there is still talk that MSU players were involved in the fight...

Rumor is Donnie Corley, LJ Scott and Josh King are the 3 players however not confirmed and atleast 1 of the 3 does not fit as the statement says the 3 were kicked out of on campus housing to which most players move off campus after freshman year.


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