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WEEK 5: Wisconsin (#8) @ Michigan (#4)

Michigan is 49-14-1 against Wisky all time.

Except for last 8-9yrs, we haven't run the same offense as Wisconsin but usually, we play them pretty well because they have the same style of offense and defense that Michigan plays. We dominated the series pre-RichRod and I'm hopeful that starts again this Saturday. We haven't played them since 2010.

Let's get it going....what do you think?

Go Blue!!


  • Michigan definitely has an edge in speed all over the field.  They need to find a way to get McDoom, Jehu, Higdon and Evans in space.  Those guys don't do themselves any favors when missing holes (Evans and McDoom), but I think the staff works on that this week in gameplanning.  I also think we see O'Korn and Morris on the field in the first half.  Love the way they used Peppers as a decoy last week.  Concerned they didn't throw long at all last week, but I think that was intentional and they obviously didn't have a need.  I'd say air it out early if Speight was more accurate and not such a slow starter, so I'll say they should look for Butt to open things up for the run game.  Badgers would be silly not to load up on the run early, so need to back them off by moving the ball.

    The D needs to stop the run and trust the DBs to care care of business in the secondary.  Love to see a monster game from Taco and another big one from the Worm.  Gary gets better every week.

    Keep protecting the football and continue to get big returns on special teams.

  • they def match up style wise. Speight will be the key Good decisons have to be made. I think UM offense is more diverse than Sparty. ability to play action will be key assuming running game can continue. On def put some pressure on the QB although he played well against Sparty he is a RS Fresh so hopefuly DB will be dialing it up from all over.

    This will be a great litmus test because you have all the factors in your favor and your playing at home. Coaching is sound and team seems prepared every game (except the first 20 min against CO)

    This is the old fashioned B10 match up JH loves. I think they will win by a min of two scores.

  • I liked how we ran the ball last week it but I think we will have to throw the ball downfield against UW.  They have a young QB so UM will have to get the pressure in him hopefully without blitzing.  Still would like to see Chesson and McDoom more on deep routes. Will be at game looking forward to a good one!

  • If like to see a consistent Speight. Sometime when he throws it looks like he's dead nuts on, other times he greatly under throws guys. I'm not asking for perfect, but narrow the gap between great and ugly
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    Michigan 38 Wisc 14.

    This is a statement game. Put the hurt on and never let up. Run up the score in the 4th This is a National Playoff Resume Builder game.
  • In my mind this comes down to turnovers. If we don't turn the ball over, punt instead of trying to force something, and make them have to go 70, 80, 90 yards consistently all day against our defense we win.

    If we turn the ball over and give them a short field that's when Wisconsin could win this thing. I think our defense will shut down their run game bc of our defensive line and our LBs are good at between the tackle running their WRs don't scare me at all. I think we can man up with them all day long which will allow us to stacked the box.

    Offense-I think we are going to have to air it out and Speight has to be better Saturday than he has been the past two weeks.

    Don't turn it over. Force Wisconsin to go the full length of the field against our D and I think we win by 14 or 17. If we turn it over look out.
  • Michigan up to a 10.5pt favorite.

    Go Blue!!
  • I agree with BHF.  Look at the MSU game.  Wisky scored 30 points, but 21 of those 30 came off of Sparty turnovers.  One was a fumble returned for a td, one was an unforced turnover when Sparty's punter couldn't catch the snap giving Bucky the ball on MSU's 5 and the other came on a short field off of an interception that gave Wisky the ball in the red zone to start their drive.

    MSU actually outgained Wisky in total yards but they had 4 turnovers which led to 21 points and that's the difference in the game!

    Wisky's defense has looked pretty stout so far this season but to be honest, they have yet to face an offense as good as Michigan's!  LSU had Leonard Fournette and that was it.  Moo U's offense looked good against ND, but so did Duke's offense!

    Oh and likewise, Wisky's offense has yet to face a defense as good as Michigan's either.  Sorry, but our defense is better than what I saw from Sparty.  And as I said, take away the turnovers and Wisky didn't really do all that much offensively!

    I said last week that if I did bet, I would have put money on Michigan to cover.  Well, I am feeling the same way this week even with the spread seemingly getting larger by the day!  I think we win and win rather easily when it's all said and done...

  • A lot of games come down to that battle and your chances of winning increase significantly.

    Our PR teams has been phenomenal so far this year...they have been able to give our offense short fields.

    Speight doesn't throw a great long ball (in my opinion). It's almost as if he doesn't have the confidence, yet...Rudock didn't have a very good long ball at the start of the last year and as the season progressed - he became more and more comfortable hitting Chesson / Darboh in stride, deep. Speight seems to throw a nice intermediate ball (out routes, TE drags, square in's, etc...). But he goes to throw a post, slant corner, fly route and it seems like he limp wrists it and kills it in the turf. That won't change overnight, but I want to see small improvements in that part of his game.

    I don't think Wisky has the speed on the outside that Colorado did...and their QB will only be making his 2nd career start - so the game plan should be to do what the Vikes have done to both Rodgers and Newton the last 2 weeks, pressure him up the middle and hit him hard. Let the corners and DE's keep contain and worry about their guys...but bring the noise thru the A/B gaps and get in his face. Do that and he'll make bad decisions.

    I think the score will be closer than what is being indicated so far in this thread...hard fought game - and a statement game if we can win.

    These 2 teams are NOTHING like they were when they last met in 2010 - new coaches, players, schemes, history really has no impact.

    Go Blue!!
  • There's no telling how good (or bad) Wisky is right now.  LSU's offense is horrendous and Sparty shot themselves in the foot repeatedly, giving Wisconsin short fields and easy points.  This game kind of reminds me of the Northwestern game last year.  Lot of hype, lot of talk about Northwestern being 5-0 and ranked 13 with a defense that was only giving up 7 a game and ya da, ya da.  All sounded good until... Chesson returned the opening kick for a TD and we crushed them 38-0.  Not saying that will happen this year but it kind of feels similar to that game.  Let's hope history repeats itself.  I know one thing: we'll be ready to play football.  Couldn't say that about some of our previous coaches, that's for sure.

  • I want to see how the base Michigan defense will matchup against Wisconsin. It's been gimmcky (relying on blitzes) versus spread teams. This week we'll see how Michigan counters a power attack. If Michigan goes blitz crazy I think the Badgers will bust some long plays. They should kick away from Jabrill-- every team should-- he's too dangerous. I'm expecting a 7-10 point win for Michigan.

  • Looks like rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast for Saturday at the Big House. How will that affect the game?

    Go Blue!!
  • I'm heading to the Ryder Cup this weekend so I will miss the game but I will be following along here.

    Go Blue!!
  • This one just reaks of an old-time low scoring B1G slugfest.

    Defense & special teams will decide this one & we have a solid advantage in both. Neither team will rush for over 100 yards. And Wisc's freshman QB will throw a big pick, I think Peppers is do for one & takes it to the house for 6 in the 4th quarter putting a bow on a 20-6 Michigan W.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if Horniboy doesn't make it through the entire game.  I see him being hit hard and often in this game.  Dr. Blitz will be bringing the pain to poor little Horniboy and he's not going to know what hit him!!!

  • ScottsdaleBlue said:

    Go Blue!!

    For once I hope that windbag's right.

    I would not be surprised to see a good A$$ kicking. I think UM has to help UW by turning it over and poor play to give them a shot. UM had that kind of game against CU and it almost cost them. Once they righted the ship they kept their foot on thier throats. That was the learning exp they needed for focus for 60 minutes. This is a coaching week as well. The coach with better prep will win and my money is on JH. Not the Chryst isnt good I just havent seen UM come out not ready to play for an entire game under JH.  I can see 24-7 or 31-10 with it not even feeling that close. I dont think UW has enough on O to outscore UM.

  • The Wisky kicker had back surgery today so he's out for the season. If they have the ball around the Michigan 30yd line and it's 4th down, look for them to go for it every time.

    Go Blue!!
  • ScottsdaleBlue said: I'm heading to the Ryder Cup this weekend so I will miss the game but I will be following along here.

    Lucky bastard!!!

    Hopefully the USA can bring the Cup back to American soil!!!   

  • I'm excited to see two teams line up and smash each other in the mouth.
    This is a great opportunity for Kalis and the 'piggin' boys to prove they're able open holes and get the M backs into the second level.

    I believe Chryst is a good coach and like the 'no frills' style of ball his team plays.
    Their defense is disciplined and put themselves in the right positions.
    The difference is that this is unquestionably a better offense than they've seen over the first four games, even adding USC in last years bowl game.

    I'm confident that Speight will be put in the best position to make plays and eat clock.
    His priority needs to remain on minimizing turnovers. If he does, Michigan should cover, easy.

    Simple game plan:
    Win on d-line;
    Win special teams;
    Win turnover battle;
    Win on o-line.

    Michigan 34 - Wisconsin 14.

    Go Blue!
  • Biggest game if the year so far and like Scottsdale I won't be able to see it!!!!! Out here in Phoenix officiating the NABA baseball tourneys my 2nd game is 12:30 pst which of course is game time, hoping to be the base official for that game so I can sneak my phone onto the field and at least catch updates. Nervous....but I'm nervous every game! Go Blue let's not turn the ball over and establish a running game and hopfully when I get off the field our boys will be 5-0
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    Wisconson starting LB went down with a Injury in practice out 2-4 weeks. That Defense looks a lot more human without him.

  • Losing Biegel could be a HUGE loss for that Wisconsin defense!  He and Watt were the heart of that defense!

  • Im hyperventilating waiting for this game
  • This Okie State-Texas hand better hurry the heck up
  • TD Michigan, Hill on the dive

    Q2 UM 7 Wisconsin 0 14:56

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