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Notre Dame to join Big 10?

Notre Dame potentially joining B10 hockey conference and they are also recruiting ASU to join to make an even 8 teams.

Inviting Arizona State and Notre Dame in to the conference makes zero sense. They should have just kept the CCHA together if they were going to f*ck around with the Big Ten conference and add a bunch of teams that are not part of the conference.

Go Blue!!


  • It's called TV marketability, and a warm-weather road trip amidst conference play. ASU is likely to get into the NCHC, with a pair of Colorado and Alaska schools in it, but I would rather see them in the B1G, until the rest of the West gets with the program, and has hockey. It'll only take a trio of bigger names to firmly establish college hockey in the West. I'd like to see Oregon, Washington and a large California school, and have heard the UNLV rumblings about becoming a D1 program. The large Cali school would not even need to be from the Pac12 or MWC; even Cal State Northridge, with an enrollment over 30K, within the metro LA area, amidst plenty of rinks, would be a viability in a bigger picture of the West.

    I'm just looking forward to wearing maize & blue on November 4th, at Gila River Arena. It is a wonderful surprise to see that day come, as I had not thought it foreseeable before 2020. When that game is simulcast on the BTN and Pac12 Networks, some gears will start to mesh above some eyebrows, and ASU to the B1G will seem an obvious nearer-term situation to exploit.


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