Meyer watching Harbaugh, but not copying him

"No, no, I don't think we'll do that," Meyer told when asked about sleeping at a recruit's house. "But you have to be aware of what your rival is doing at all times. You can't be caught five years behind, and if something is out there, and I'm not going to name any schools, but there are some really good, creative ways of recruiting.

"I'm not talking about the craziness. I'm talking about things of substance."

"Yeah, I do think about that, I do," Meyer said. "I ask our coaches constantly, and more importantly, I ask the recruits. I bet we do have a reputation that we're very serious. But that's very important for us and who we recruit. If that's our challenge, if maybe we're a little too serious and that's our biggest issue, then we'll just move forward. You don't want to all of a sudden starting losing recruits, so we monitor things very closely.

"But let's not turn this into something else. This is not a circus. This is a serious matter."

Go Blue!!


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