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UM and B1G hockey Looking Westward

Arizona State has decided to go big-time, and become a full D1 hockey program. Ongoing discussions are happening with the NHL Coyotes and various municipal entities about a new place for both teams to play. There is even a Facebook page called "Bring the Coyotes to Tempe."

You know that there's momentum and critical mass when the newspaper of record from the self-styled "State of Hockey" does a feature:

Suddenly, the prospect of seeing UM hockey in my back yard seems to be a distinct possibility.



  • ...and I have my tickets in-hand for November 4th, on the UM attacks x2 blue line. What a watershed day that will be for college hockey in my local market, as well as on cable TV (BTN, Pac12). The best-kept secret in North American sports is getting out remarkably fast.

  • Well obviously this thread is just overflowing with content. So l am happy to add some. Being a friday and not much on TV l watched Michigan vs Minny in hockey. Now as a black man we do not watch hockey, but l will root for the Red Wings and Michigan. It was great seeing the team win and Yost was rocking.... l guess from the announcers its been a long year, but the team is really young. I did hear that the future look good. So good luck Ice Wolverines....
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