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The Mizzou Revolution

The new blueprint for student activism has now been established: Attack the revenue source.

I feel no need to recapitulate what happened in CoMo, vis a vis the Mizzou football team. You'd have to be living under a rock, to not have gotten some wind of the story, by now. What I really want to do is reiterate some wisdom.

Some who read this may recall that, upon the Harbaugh hire, and the naming of his coaching staff, that I proposed that Tyrone Wheately be groomed as Jim's eventual successor. I cited demographical and common sense reasoning (i.e. "the coach should look more like a majority of the players"), and it appears that I displayed a bit of prescience (look that word up, Bucknutt; it's one of those PhD words, for those of your ilk).

I hereby reiterate that it is important to keep "leaders and best" in mind, when trying to evolve with the times, and demographic changes. The NFL has the "Rooney Rule," but the NCAA does not...yet. Absent such a rule, it is incumbent upon the powerhouse schools to lead by example.



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