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Al Golden gets run out of Miami (FL)

This is no surprise, and 'Canes fans are already talking up a storm about their next head football coach. The most intriguing name to come up thus far has been Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who has no experience, but I smell another candidate being a distinct possibility.

Miami has been losing the recruiting battles in its' own back yard. The best local talent heads upstate to Tallahassee or Gainesville (or worse; out-of-state) on a consistent basis. The culture of the team has always been SWAG, but the administration wants squeaky-clean milquetoast. There are also budget and facilities issues to contend with, and a front-running fan base that is not lining up at the donor trough, but clammoring loudly for a return to greatness.

While I don't see it as being an ultimately successful move, it just might have to be the band-aid fix, until Butch Davis can completely put UNC behind him unscathed. It may be that the U is due...for a case of The Clap.


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