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Everyone Loves a Good Story

This team has a bunch of them. We, the fans are the most familiar with them, but the national media will be picking them up, if the wins keep on stacking up. I'm not just alluding to the usual Harbaugh stories, or even the "Ruddock trying his own version of the Russel Wilson playbook" story. The names already say it for the Michigan fans: Darboh, Glasgow, Morgan, and who knows how many more wonderful individual stories are all awaiting the national spotlight. Some of these stories will see greater press, this week, and during Thanksgiving Week. All of them point to a singular fact: Michigan is again a top program in college football, easily a no-brainer for the top-5 lists of a vast majority of 4 and 5-star recruits. We all know what kinds of stories that can arise from that.

Ol' #4 is just getting started, people. He could see a lot of things in the bunch that he inherited that we, the fans (and even some of the former coaching staff) could not. I was among those who thought that Harbaugh's thanking of Brady Hoke, "for not leaving the cupboard bare," during the introductory press conference was simply Jimmy playing nice. We can now break down his words from that wonderful January day, a bit further. Jim Harbaugh said that he was standing on the shoulders of great men, and the product on the field shows it.

Dave Brandon's ad campaign of yesteryear was simply a bit ahead of its' time. I'll reiterate it here, and just envision a whole lot of heads nodding in agreement, as they read:  THIS is Michigan.

...and nobody is done writing this season's story.


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