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Gentlemen, excuse my enthusiasm but we finally have a real top-notch coach...

I haven't felt this euphoric about a coach since Bo was here.


O hope the Good Lord gives me a few more years to enjoy what is coming down the pike in Michigan Football!!


Go Blue!



    I think we all feel this way. Thanks for sharing your feelings. 


  • What a difference having a good coaching staff has made with our players. Finally living up to their high school rankings!

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    Harbaugh is going to get the players. The fact that they said our execution was solid is what most impressed me. The better we do this year then the faster we'll rebuild the program. We can lose to all of the remaining ranked teams on the schedule and end 8-4. Beat one and go 9-3. That is something to build on. If we go 10-2 that means we beat either O$U or M$U. That would tell me we're 2 years away from competing for a playoff spot. If not then we'll be there in 3 years.

    That game makes me confident we will beat everyone that we're supposed to beat at the very least. That's the worst part of the dark ages. We couldn't even beat sh*tty teams. But a well coached Michigan team should never lose to sh*t heads. I was worried after Utah, but it looks like the Utes are a top 10 team. They crushed Oregon. Maybe we're better than we thought?

    Go Blue!!

  • ScottsdaleBlue said: I was worried after Utah, but it looks like the Utes are a top 10 team. They crushed Oregon.

    ....and we could've beaten them, which makes me feel better about our team.  I guess Utah and Michigan have eaten all of Popeye's spinach, eh? 

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    The last several years have left me with battered-wife syndrome.  Up 14-0, with the offense on the move again I said if they can get it to 21-0 this early I can relax.  I had the same thoughts up 21-0, and 28-0 and even worried a little that settling for a FG to make it 31-0 may come back to haunt them as this seemed team of destiny from Mormon country will make a major push after adjustments are made at halftime.

    Clearly, I need to re-adjust my expectations for a Harbaugh-coached squad.


    I certainly don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, there's no doubt Harbaugh is doing a masterful job & this team is well ahead of schedule. However, against BYU we had a style advantage. Not many teams play the variety of football we do now & clearly BYU wasn't prepared to deal with a pro style O. Our D just went beast mode. With that said I honestly believe we upset either MSU or OSU this year & I can see us finishing 9-3 & playing in a Jan 1 bowl. 

    We still need to learn to win on the road.

  • Funny that now the Pro-Style offense is the rare offense that defenses aren't used to defending and struggle to prepare for it. 

  • Jabes, I agree 100%. The last bit of my worries of this team still, is the road games......we have been horrible past few years for sure. I hope this staff finds a way to overcome this teams horrible streak on the road. 

  • Jabes, I wouldn't have said during the dark ages. But, we can beat the buckwheats this year. Have no doubts. Just think we almost beat them the last couple of years, with poor coaching.

  • why anyone was worried after Utah was beyond me. I could tell in that game they were a vastly different team. You could tell under Hoke that there was no development for example I always thought our WR's were average at best but after the first 4 games I see they do have talent. One handed ODB catches and hitch passes that go for 8-10 yrds a clip. Same for the line.

    JH bought the Maserati Like Chrissy did after Johnny Sac went to jail. A great ride at a discount price. Hoke gave hoim talent now JH gets to Drive and its gonna be great for us


    GO BLUE!!!

  • We're by no means a complete team...but I can say after watching 4 games. It has been a LONG time since I've seen a UofM team learn/develop/progress/make the proper adjustments and get all 8 halves of football. And that folks, is the result of a competent staff. The last 10 yrs we've had good football minds and passionate people, but haven't had a staff that knows how to coach kids up/develop talent. Certainly, a fun start to the season, but still a big mountain to climb to get to where we'd like to be. Let's just hope this is the start of a fun ride.

    Go Blue!!

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    This whole board and Michigan fans in general, are all shell shocked as fans after the past 6-7 years of drama..........I'm still holding my excitement til after the Maryland game. My gut wants to drink the kool aid, but I just want to make sure the guy who stirred the pot, doesn't have a one way ticket booked to the UFO behind the moon. Ya dig? Still apprehensive, but eager to see more. Unlike last year, I did t even want Saturday to come, because it was just another embarrassment to watch. 

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    I wonder how Trent Baalke feels to finally be running a (sh!tty) team all on his own?


  • Ol' #4 is giving nothing away, in his pressers. There's a lot going on under that ball cap of his, and I LOVE it. UM football is better than it has been, in quite some time; at least since 2011. When was the last time we survived a September 3-1, with anything and everything still possible? While nobody of reasonable mind is expecting a run at a national title, this year, it does remain a possibility. We will certainly have a very good idea about that, by Halloween.

    Most folks were laying our preseason expectations of between 7 and 8 wins. The higher number is still probably where we should be thinking, at this point in time. It can always be revised upward, within the next few weeks.

    Everybody's having FUN. You can see it in the body language on the field, and you can certainly read about it, on this board. A favorite mantra of mine has always been, "you can work hard to have a good time, or you can have a good time working hard." Clearly, this team is the embodiment of the latter. FUN is where it starts. Talent and leadership devlopment is a big component of the FUN. I think that Harbaugh's "culture of competition" is exactly what this program (if not the whole sport) needs. I do not just see ol' #4's mentor, in what he is doing, but I also see a 21st Century embodiment of the words of Fielding H. Yost, in a 1905 letter to President T. Roosevelt, in which the legendary coach extolled the virtues of football as a means of molding better men. Yes, I realize that this might be saying a lot, for the point in the season that these words were typed, but I do invite the reader to revisit them, once this season concludes, and try to argue differently.

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