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2016 WR Targets

This list is a combination of talent an where the player most likely sits on the coaches board (subjective of course since no one has seen the actual board).

1. [b]Ahmir Mitchell[/b] Egg Harbor City, New Jersey ([link=][/link] - More athlete than pure WR, Mitchell is an electric playmaker on both sides of the ball. Mitchell has a unique blend of size and speed that has made him a top 50-75 recruit, boasting a who's who of offer list. Film shows a guy that scored in 5 phases of the game passing, receiving, running, defense, and returns. Easily makes defenders miss and/or powers through tackles. Visited Michigan during the spring and vows to be back for an official visit in the fall. 
[b]Strengths:[/b] Playmaking, size, speed, versatility  
[b]Weaknesses[/b]: Limited route running experience 

2. [b][b]Brad Hawkins Camden,  New Jersey [/b][/b][link=][/link] - Hawkins physical prowless is what jumps off the tape first. While not a burner, Hawkins shows great short distance speed and quickness and does a good job tracking the ball in the air and making plays. Fundamentals are a concern as he is not a natural pass catcher and his route running is at a basic level. Still, his size and speed combination make him an attractive option as outside WR.
[b]Strengths:[/b] Size, playmaking ability, physicality, quickness
[b]Weaknesses[/b]: Route running, ball skills
[b]3. Donald Stewart[/b] Paramus, New Jersey [link=][/link]- At 6'4 Stewart is a large body that makes plays in the air and boxes out defenders. Deceptively fast and has great body control and hands. Well coached which is evident in route running and overall WR skills. Not the kind of player that will sprint past defenders but size and leaping ability allow him to make plays downfield.
[b]Strengths:[/b] Size, ball skills, leaping ability
[b]Weaknesses[/b]: Speed, quickness, run after catch.
4. [b]J.D. Spielman[/b] Eden Prairie (Minnesota.) ([link=][/link][link=])[/link] - What Spielman lacks in size he makes up for in speed, quickness, and playmaking ability. Dynamic with the ball in his hands, great change of direction and surprisingly physical. Used as an athlete in high school so will need to adjust to playing WR on a full-time basis. Ideal slot WR that can create mismatch opportunities against LBers and safeties. Adds significantl special teams ability in the return game where he could help right away.
[b]Strengths:[/b] Playmaking, elite speed, change of direction   
[b]Weaknesses[/b]: Size, fundamentals  

WRs that could enter the picture but aren't realistic candidates right now
Dylan Crawford, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


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