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2016 RB Targets

A little late to the party here as we're almost certainly done at the RB/FB position with one exception. Will still give a breakdown of each prospect that has committed and the one remaining target below.
1. Matt Falcon ([link=][/link] Falcon is an explosive back who is the top RB prospect from the state of Michigan. Has dealt with injuries throughout his HS career but blew up on the recruiting scene prior to his sophomore campaign. Later that summer he tore his ACL and missed his entire sophomore season. Rebounded with a nice junior year posting over 1,000 yards rushing. Falcon has good size at 6'1 205ish and speed combo. Not an absolute burner but has plenty of straight line speed to bust big runs. Enough wiggle to shake defenders while still possessing the power to run through them. Has above average vision and does a good job improvising when his offensive line does not provide a hole. FWIW, Allen Trieu thinks Falcon is one of the top players in the Midwest when healthy. 
Strengths: vision, acceleration, runs through arm tackles
Weaknesses: durability 
2. Kingston Davis ([link=][/link] Davis is a north and south runner that has not participated much in the camp circuit. He plays in a spread system (2015 Michigan Signee Keith Washington was his QB), but is almost exclusively between the tackles runner. At 6'1 230, you could say that he and Falcon make a nice thunder and lightning combination. Does a great job of getting his shoulders parallel to the line of scrimmage and moving the ball downfield in a hurry. Has excellent vision but lacks the top end speed to be a burner at the D1 level. He provides an interesting combination with Falcon. Davis is a high floor low ceiling type prospect: you know exactly what you are getting. Falcon is a low floor high ceiling propect: if he stays healthy he has all conference potential and if his injuries return he could wash out. 
Strengths: power, vision
Weaknesses: speed  
3. Robert Washington ([link=][/link] The only remaining RB target on the board. Sam seems to think there's still a shot, I think it's unlikely. He was be announcing his decision in less than a month and I will update with my analysis if anything develops on that front. At this point, I think Michigan is done at RB. *
1. David Reese ([link=][/link] The coaches took Reese as a FB but nearly all of his film is at linebacker. What little film he does have at FB shows that he is nearly impossible to bring down at the high school level. He also shows the soft hands to catch the 5 yard flat route that fans will become accustomed to in Harbaugh's offense. He possesses adequate size (6'1 230) and his film shows that he is not afraid of contact which is essential for the FB position. Will update when more film becomes available of him on the offensive side of the ball--especially blocking. 
Strengths: seeks contact, tough to bring down
Weaknesses: not a lot of film as a lead blocker
*There is a scenario that if Robert Washington wanted to come to Michigan that you take him and move Kingston Davis to FB and David Reese to MLB. Washington is too good to tell him no if he wants to come. As of now, it's RBs-Falcon and Davis and FB-Reese. In the future it could be RBs- Falcon and Washington, FB- Davis, and MLB- Reese. 


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