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Laettner was soft; a b*tch


"The way I dealt with it is, 'Hey, me and my buddy can make a movie too and badmouth as many people as we want, too.' And I was surprised that ESPN let them do that," Laettner said. "If I wanted to raise some money with Alaa Abdelnaby (an ex-Duke teammate) and start badmouthing people, we could do it. Either through ESPN or not through ESPN.

"So I was disappointed in that. That's not what life is about. But maybe someone told Jalen, 'We want to make a provocative movie and start saying Laettner's a (expletive) and Laettner's a (expletive).' I guess that's what life is about. And I don't appreciate it. And you don't like it. But it's something that I'll never do."[/quote]

Go Blue!!


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