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Rashan Gary (2016 DTl, Paramus (NJ) Paramus Catholic) IS BLUE!!!



  • Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!! Happy Hannukah!!!!!! Happy Kwanzaaa!!!!!! Happy Flag Day!!!!!
  • SDBlue, drinks at your house??? 

    I'll bring Ric Flair!!!  Whoooooooooooooooooooooo!!! lol.

    GO BLUE!!!

  • What's going on at Hill Auditorium now?????

    Go Blue!!!

  • He said, "the maize and yellow".  These jersey

  • They just showed a clip from the Under Armor game and Gary and Bush just popped the QB

  • So freaking great to FINALLY have one of these high profile recruits go our way!!!!



  • BOOM BABY BOOM BABY BOOM. and the guy fixed my furnace and it was only $150 cause it was only a bad ignitor :). Time to Order some Mexican Food and rock out while waiting for Asaisi.

  • So if that video was made a couple days ago... was he really considering changing his mind today?
  • Goblue88 said: Time to Order some Mexican Food

    Yes!!!  That's what I'll order for lunch!!!  Great idea!!!!

    Go Blue!!! 

  • It's all for the Hill said today, you only get recruited once so live it up and tell people what they want to hear.

    Go Blue!!
  • ScottsdaleBlue said: It's all for the Hill said today, you only get recruited once so live it up and tell people what they want to hear.

    This!  Gary was the consensus #1 overall recruit in the country.  He made his announcement at ESPN HQ.  IMO, he created all of this drama to make his announcement all the more watchable.  I mean, who's going to tune in if everyone and their mother knew where he was headed?  Can't fault the kid for wanting to bring a little attention to his signing day announcement.

  • Looks Like this one really did come down to the Wire Per Sam Webb... Here was his full Insight after the fact and why he was so confident during the day. The thing he had to hold back. And also something that shows just how much the Negativity of Swenson almost ruined our class. 

    Rashan said he didn't make his mind up until he got to Bristol today.

    Here's some background I couldn't before, but I can now.

    The negative recruiting was working. So well in fact that Jennifer became really concerned.  Sure the coaching staff did their best to fight off the talk from other coach of Harbaugh being cold, uncaring, hard to deal with, and tough to play for. But it wasn't enough to hear that refuted by the coaching staff. She needed to hear it from someone else she could trust.

    Care to guess who she called last night to talk to for nearly 45 minutes... a talked the eased her mind and took care of her concerns?

    Here are a few clues

    First from his summer visit...


    Sam Webb:  So you finally had a chance to take in Michigan.  Take me back through the visit.  What all did they have you guys do?

    Jennifer Coney:  “A whole lot of stuff, but all good stuff.  I looked at the itinerary and I was exhausted just by looking at it.  I met a whole bunch of people.  I was talking to (Michigan Associate Athletic Director) Greg Harden.  Oh my god, what an awesome gentleman.  I enjoyed sitting with him, talking to him.  He was a pleasure to meet with. It was my favorite part of the visit.”

    Sam Webb:  What was it about sitting down with him that stuck out to you so much?

    Jennifer Coney:  “He is just real.  He is real… no fluff.  He was just real about himself and about what he does.  He was passionate about everything.  How he got to where he is and how much he enjoys what he does.  I feel he is an excellent resource.  He was like a jewel that they kept on the side. He is not in the main office… he is on the side.  He was a true pleasure, we laughed and everything, I enjoyed him.”


    And then from the official visit in October


    A vivid example of Michigan’s attention to “everything” is the support it provides for the emotional well-being of its student athletes. The man that has headed up the Wolverines cutting edge counseling program for decades became acquainted with Coney during her initial visit to Ann Arbor during the summer. They connected again this time around and picked up right where they left off before.

    “I met with (Michigan Director of Athletic Counseling and his sixth year as Associate Athletic Director) Greg Harden and his beautiful wife,” said Coney. “I met with them on game day. I was completely impressed by her and her degrees. Oh my gosh… I was so impressed. That’s truly a power couple and I’m so impressed by both of them.”

    “We talked about church and that’s an important part (the process) for Rashan… just that spiritual part… praising, worshipping, honoring God for all of his blessings. They’ll provide the avenues for that for Rashan if he goes to Michigan. I don’t know if Rashan will ever need to talk to (Harden) about things going on, but I believe he would be an inspirational, motivational shoulder. Someone who can motivate, give Rashan some encouraging words, and have something to back it up. That’s what I got from Greg. He’s just a great person to talk to.”


    They got mom back and held on to Rashan as a result.

    Teamwork makes the dream work guys!


    Follow me on twitter @SamWebb77

  • I saw his twitter: THE University of Michigan. I wonder if that was a dig on that school down south?
  • So we have to give the assist to Harden on this one? Nicely played sir, nicely played! Welcome to Rashan, and his family, to the UM family!!! GO BLUE!!! (we needed him this season against the bucks)
  • jsj_297 said: So we have to give the assist to Harden on this one? Nicely played sir, nicely played! Welcome to Rashan, and his family, to the UM family!!! GO BLUE!!! (we needed him this season against the bucks)

    Yep Harbaugh owes him AND his Wife a dinner for this one. 

  • Harbaugh is cold and uncaring, eh?  All Harden had to do was call some of his former players from Stanford and the 49ers to kill that lie.

    Hey, Clemson, liar, liar....pants on fire!!!  Good luck with FSU!!  LOL


    Go Blue!!!

  • Excited we got this kid but is the potential for "mom" being a real pain in the ass down the road getting overshadowed?  She's giving interviews and seems to be as front/center in this recruiting process as Gary is and for me thats not the way to handle it.  Hope she isn't an issue waiting to happen.


    GO BLUE!

  • She can say what she wants as long as he get's his 9 sacks per year in.  LOL

  • Wolvy, I can get on board with that!


    GO BLUE!

  • Outstanding! Hopefully the young man can live up to the hype on & off the field.

    But I do agree with Edub, Mom seems to like the limelight & was heavily involved in this decision. What happens when things don't go the way she imagined in her dreams. Could be an issue.
  • GARY'S MOM: Sir, can I trouble you for a glass of warm milk? It helps me go to sleep.

    HARBAUGH: You can trouble me for a warm glass of shut-the-hell-up! Now, you will go to sleep! Or I will PUT you to sleep. Check out the name tag. You're in MY world now!

    Go Blue!!
  • MISTA........MISTA.....GET ME OUTTA HERE!!! MISTA!!!!!!

  • Mattison has to be so pumped right now to be able to work with this kid every day...

    I wouldn't be surprised if JH came out of the locker room in full gear and lined up across Gary next year to start fall practice. HAHA

    Go Blue!!
  • Or just his shoulder pads and no shirt...........

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