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Urban Myer disses Brady Hoke today...

Before Meyer spoke, newly elected Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks stopped by Tozzi’s on 12th because he was in town visiting the Hall of Fame. It was also noted that the Hall of Fame Luncheon Club now has 625 members, making it the largest club of its kind in the country.
“Next week is a great opportunity for you to show your support of that team up north by calling in sick,” Meyer said. “I will not be here.”
Next week’s speaker is Michigan head coach Brady Hoke.
Meyer spoke proudly of Ohio’s role in the history of football. Last week at OSU’s annual football coaches clinic, Meyer paid tribute to Paul Brown and had the coaches of the state’s two NFL teams speak.
Meyer pointed out what later became the NFL was formed in a meeting a few miles away in downtown Canton.
“The largest luncheon club in America? You’re damn right it is,” Meyer said. “Just not next week. If you’re here next week, I’m kicking your (behind).”

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