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Glenn Robinson III ready to take the next step

Donnal didn’t get a chance to see Robinson’s abilities firsthand last season but they are no secret. Now everyone is waiting to see if the Michigan’s 6-foot-6 sophomore can elevate his game. Robinson is jumping higher ([link=]reaching 12-foot-3[/link]). He’s shooting the ball better. His ballhandling has improved. And this is all from a guy that would have been a top-15 pick had he declared for the NBA Draft last spring.
“I’ve gotten stronger, I’m shooting the ball more efficiently, I’ve worked on my ballhandling skills, and most of all, most important to me is my leadership,” Robinson said. “That’s something I want to continue to stress to this team and I’m willing to help out and do whatever I can to make sure I’m a leader for this team. Hopefully we can get the same thing done this year as last year.”


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