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Walton, Albrecht still battling for starting point guard spot

[link=]Derrick Walton[/link] or [link=]Spike Albrecht[/link], who will replace Trey Burke? That’s been the question throughout the offseason in Ann Arbor and with Michigan’s first exhibition game just days away, John Beilein isn’t ready to call the race quite yet.
“I’ll wait a couple more days [to name a starter at point guard],” Beilein explained. “But between Derrick or Spike, I guarantee one of them will be at point guard. But it’s very different than everybody knowing that Trey was going to be at point two straight years. But we’ll play with that a little bit and see who is best coming off the bench. You know the deal with me, sometimes the guy coming off the bench may be the better fit for the team..”


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