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Oh, Sparty, will your genius ever end?

The Michigan State Spartans were bounced from this year's NCAA tournament by Duke in the Sweet Sixteen. Even worse for Spartans fans was the fact that in-state rival Michigan made it all the way to the finals, so it totally makes sense that one Michigan State student decided to celebrate Michigan's loss to Louisville by setting off a makeshift bomb.

From the [link=][i]State News[/i][/link]:
[blockquote] East Lansing police Lt. Scott Wriggelsworth said early Tuesday after the game, officers patrolling Cedar Village spotted an individual walking down the stairs of the Cedar Village ramp stairwell carrying toilet bowl cleaner.
Wriggelsworth said officers approached the man and asked why he was carrying the cleaner and during their discussion, a loud noise went off on the top level of the parking structure.
Cody Christopher Mastrodonato, listed as a mechanical engineering sophomore in MSU’s database, reportedly told police he set off the bomb in celebration of U-M’s loss to Louisville.
[/blockquote] Yep. Just some dude blowing stuff up because a rival school's basketball team lost a championship game. That is so college! Also, I can't decide if those cops are incredibly skilled detectives or just jerks who like to harass college kids. A guy can't carry toilet cleaner around his dorm without getting stopped by the police anymore?
[[link=]State News[/link]]


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