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Take the libertarian purity test...

Lets see where everyone scores. Even if you are all the way to the left. Lets see where you score. I scored a 110 out of 160 possible points.
[h3]What Your Score Means[/h3] [b]0 points:[/b] You are not a libertarian by any stretch of the imagination. You are probably not even a liberal or a conservative. Just some Nazi nut, I guess.
[b]1-5 points:[/b] You have a few libertarian notions, but overall you're a statist.
[b]6-15 points:[/b] You are starting to have libertarian leanings. Explore them.
[b]16-30 points:[/b] You are a soft-core libertarian. With effort, you may harden and become pure.
[b]31-50 points:[/b] Your libertarian credentials are obvious. Doubtlessly you will become more extreme as time goes on.
[b]51-90 points:[/b] You are a medium-core libertarian, probably self-consciously so. Your friends probably encourage you to quit talking about your views so much.
[b]91-130 points:[/b] You have entered the heady realm of hard-core libertarianism. Now doesn't that make you feel worse that you didn't get a perfect score?
[b]131-159 points:[/b] You are nearly a perfect libertarian, with a tiny number of blind spots. Think about them, then take the test over again. On the other hand, if you scored this high, you probably have a good libertarian objection to my suggested libertarian answer. :-)
[b]160 points:[/b] Perfect! The world needs more like you.


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