Kyle Kalis Interview

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Kyle Kalis Interview - Friday, December 27, 2013 3:17 PM

"The minute I got sat down, I met with (offensive line coach Darrell) Funk and coach Borges and they just told me 'we know you're the guy, we recruited you for a reason, you are going to be the guy, but right now for a number of reasons, you're going to sit," Kalis explained. "But once that happened, a light clicked in my head that this is not going to just be given to me. And I never thought that to begin with, but I just kept working. I kept working. Doing the same things I was doing the entire time, but just focusing more and more. And that propelled me.

"Obviously it was emotional and frustrating, because it's like your job. It's what I worked for since I got here. So I lost that. ... But looking back, I kind of think it was like God looking out for me. It gave me time. I was still playing and practicing, but games are totally different than practices, and (everything) takes its toll on you."

Go Blue!!

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