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Michigan Hockey- Hosed by the NCAA


Friday, March 23, 2007 - Phil Callihan

The Michigan Wolverines have made the NCAA tournament for a record 17th time in a row.  But the selection committee did the Wolverines no favors.  Michigan has been placed in a regional with perennial nemesis Minnesota and another long time power North Dakota.

The Wolverines will open on Saturday against North Dakota and hopefully then play the winner of the Minnesota/Air Force game.

Why do I say that Michigan got hosed?  Well, Michigan State has less wins than the Wolverines, finished behind Michigan in the CCHA, and lost to Michigan in the CCHA tournament but got the plum assignment to play in nearby Grand Rapids.  The Spartans will hop a bus and have a home state advantage while the Wolverines will need to jet off to the most difficult regional in the tournament.

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Phil Callihan
Editor-in-Chief, UMGoBlue.COM

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