9.19.02 Michigan-Utah EA SPORTS NCAA 2003 Preview

How well does the video game predict the REAL game!!
Michigan Utah

Kirk Herbstreit thinks it will be a blowout, and Utah has spent all week trying to figure out how to stop Perry. Too bad it is impossible. Lee Corso says that U of M has a huge advantage in the running game and will steamroll.

Brabbs sent the opening kickoff out of bounds. Diggs knocked down the first pass. Then Rice hit Lyman for a first down. After two short runs, Heuer forced a fumble, but it was recovered by Johnson. After a Utah punt, U of M drove 92 yards in 7 plays for a touchdown, Navarre hit Joppru, Bellamy, Brackins and then hooked up with Bell for the score.

Michigan 7 Utah 0 10:13 1Q

ON the 2nd play of the next drive, Diggs picked off a pass to Williams. Askew had a 10 yard run, before the drive stalled. Brabbs made a 34 yard field goal.

Michigan 10 Utah 0 7:00 1Q

Utah went 3 and out and punted it back to the Wolverines. Navarre was picked off by Nagahi. A few plays later Rice hit Lyman for the score.

Michigan 10 Utah 7 2:55 1Q

On the next drive, U of M scored on 3 plays. A 9 yard run by Askew was then followed by a 42 yard scamper by Chris Perry. Navarre hit Butler from 27 yards out to cap the drive.

Michigan 17 Utah 7 1:50 1Q

Utah then drove to the U of M 7 behind Bliss and Johnson’s running before Hall missed the chip-shot field goal. Both teams then traded 3 and outs. The Wolverines then drove to the Utes 10 behind Perry’s rushing until Navarre was picked off in the end zone by Carauthers. Rice then hit Lyman on a 79 yard bomb for a score after Markus Curry slipped on his coverage.

Michigan 17 Utah 14 3:17 2Q

U of M then went 3 and out. Scalley fumbled the punt return and Brandon Williams picked it up and ran it in for the score.

Michigan 24 Utah 14 1:58 2Q

After Utah gained a 1st down, they punted it away. Navarre drove the Wilverines into range but Brabbs missed a 38 yard field goal to end the half. To begin the 2nd half U of M gained a first down before punting it away. On the Utes 2nd play Rice was picked off by Charles Drake. Behind a 25 yard Perry run the drive stalled within field goal range as Brabbs made the 37 yarder.

Michigan 27 Utah 14 9:00 2Q

After a Utah 3 and out. U of M began their next drive by giving it to Perry, who fumbled it away. Zach Tune picked it up and took it to the house for the Utes.

Michigan 27 Utah 21 8:02 2Q

After Johnson ran for a first down, Utah punted it back to Michigan. Navarre then was again intercepted by Nagahi. Utah went 3 and out and punted it yet again. On U of M’s first play Perry fumbled it away. After Bliss ran for a first down, Utah punted again. Navarre then hit Butler on a 25 yard strike. Then a 10 yarder to Bell. But the drive stalled at midfield as Finley punted it for a touchback. On 3rd and long Rice hit Hansen but they came up inches short and punted it away. Navarre was incomplete on the next three plays as it was punted back. Utah began their next drive at their own 10. On the 3rd play Markus Curry picked one off. Navarre then hit Askew for the touchdown. Navarre’s pass was incomplete on the 2-point conversion.

Michigan 33 Utah 21 10:33 4Q

On the next drive, Rice hit Waltersche for a 20 yard gain before Carl Diggs picked off his second pass. The drive went nowhere and U of M punted it back. After 2 short runs by Bliss and Johnson and a incompletion by Rice, Utah punted it back. After 3 more incomplete passes by Navarre, the Wolverines punted again. Rice hit Johnson for a first down before punting it back to Michigan. Navarre then hit Bell for a touchdown on a drive that was led by a screen pass to Askew. After a false start penalty, Brabbs missed the extra point.

Michigan 39 Utah 21 5:35 4Q

Nagahi returned the following kickoff for a touchdown. Johnson ran in the 2-point conversion.

Michigan 39 Utah 29 5:21 4Q

U of M went 3 and out and punted it away. Rice hit Jackson for a first down. Rice rolled out for a 6 yard gain. (1:33) Rice threw 3 straight incompletions. Utah turned it over on downs. (1:21) Askew ran for a yard. (1:15) Chris Perry ran it for 3 yards. (1:10) After a Navarre incompletion, U of M punted it away. (:59) Lazarus sacked Rice. (:46) Rice spiked the ball. (:40) Rice hit Johnson out of the backfield for short gain. (:30) Rice hit Houston for a 24 yard gain. (:24) Rice spiked the ball. (:17) Rice rolled out and ran it 7 yards himself to midfield. (:07) Kaufman sacked Rice to end the game.

UM Navarre 20-39, 329 yards, 4TD – 3INT
UTAH Rice 13-30, 275 yards, 2TD – 4INT

UM Perry 29 carries, 121 yards
UTAH Bliss 10 carries, 24 yards
UTAH Johnson 32 carries, 22 yards

UM Bell 5 rec., 84 yds, 2 TD
UM Butler 5 rec., 89 yds, TD
UTAH Lyman 4 rec., 146 yds, 2TD Player of the Game

Kaufman 1 sack, Lazarus 1 sack, Hobson 1 sack, Diggs 2 INT, M. Curry INT, Drake INT

Kaufasi 1 sack, Nagahi 2 INT, Carauthers INT



Michigan 39 Utah 29

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