11/3/2001- MSU Cheats their Way to Victory- AGAIN!

The Spartans have long been known to do anything in order to beat the Wolverines.  Few can forget the mugging of Michigan WR Desmond Howard in 1990 as time ran out.  Well, the Spartans were at it again in the 2001 game at East Lansing.

The willingness of the Spartans to cheat coupled with cowardly Big Ten referees have allowed Spartans to gain another tainted victory.

Most of us are aware that time ran out as Spartans lined up in an attempt to spike the ball and get one more play in the game.  The Spartan timekeeper conveniently stopped the clock with a second left in the game.  Time is supposed to be kept on the field but gutless Big Ten referees refused to do their job and allowed the Spartans to line up for a final play.

The latest Spartan hero?  #77 OT Steve Stewart.  After the snap of the ball Wolverine #13 Larry Stevens puts a move on Stewart and appeared to be ready to dump MSU QB Jeff Smoker for a game ending sack. 

Clip #1 Low Res Clip #2 High Res

Stewart had other ideas though.  He grabbed a hold of Stevens' jersey, arm, and anything else he could get a hold of to prevent him from making the game winning play. 

You had to be wondering how MSU QB Jeff Smoker had so much time to throw right?  Well, the answer is plain to see on the video clip.

Go Blue!

Phil Callihan
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