11/7/01- Response

Normally, I try to ignore stupidity but I had to respond to this article that appeared in the Detroit Free Press.

Dear Ms. Hill,

I can only assume that you wrote such a biased article with the intent of ‘riling’ up more fans.

Perhaps it’s the only way that you can draw attention to your career.

In your article you say that the game, “…was one MSU deserved to win.”

Really? It’s obvious to most people (even in the media) that time should have expired. After 60 minutes of football, UM had scored more points than MSU. Only with a stolen extra play, the blatant cheating of an MSU lineman, and cowardly officials did the ‘deserving’ Spartans ‘win’.

Limp handshake? Wow, that’s a stretch, but of course whatever furthers your agenda.

The September 11 reference was low blow. Cheating no matter what the circumstances shouldn’t be condoned. The events of 9/11 don’t excuse people from doing their jobs correctly be it a timekeeper or cowardly Big Ten referee.

Maybe you believe that the tragic events of 9/11 excuse you from being unbiased.

Go Blue!

Phil Callihan
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