Phil Callihan, Editor-in-Chief

10/30/02- Just Winning Isn't Enough...

There's a saying about the difference between how football coaches and fans view a game.  Coaches want to win...Fans want to beat the other school.  The difference being that coaches are ultimately judged on wins and losses and that the margins of each contest really don't matter.  Usually, I agree with this view.  A three point win over Utah?  No problem.  A two point win over Purdue?  Good enough...

But not this week.

It's Time to Hammer the Spartans

This year, more than ever, this game makes me put down the mantle of unbiased observer and take on the role of fervent Wolverine fan.

I hate taking grief from Spartan fans about their 'victory' last season.

I hate that the Wolverines put themselves in a position to lose that game in East Lansing. 

I hate that #77 Steve Stewart was allowed to practically tackle Larry Stevens preventing him from dumping MSU QB Jeff Smoker and ending the game. 

I hate that Spartan Head Coach Bobby Williams smirked through his post game press conference and called the game "...the best officiated that he had ever been involved with..." 

I hate that the media supporters of Bobby Williams continue to claim that Lloyd Carr refused to shake hands with him after the game. 

A Remarkable Opportunity

Since 1970 the Wolverines are 24-8 versus the Spartans but since 1990 (you remember, MSU cheated to win that one, too) the Wolverines are 7-5.  This year was supposed to usher in a new golden era of Spartan football.  The Spartans had a favorable schedule and 8 home games, many thought that they would be undefeated heading into this week's contest.  But then reality set in.  The Spartans collapsed under the pressure. Instead of competing for a Big Ten Championship and BCS berth, they are reeling needing to win 3 of their 4 remaining games to qualify for a post season bowl bid.  Their starting QB has been suspended adding insult to injury.

The Wolverines should win.  But a nice respectable win isn't enough this season.  The Wolverines need to avenge last years robbery in East Lansing.  I want to crush the Spartans...I want to beat them so bad that Bobby Williams gets fired at half time.  I want to see the Spartan program in total collapse...

It's time to stop trading pieces and go for checkmate...

Go Blue!

Phil Callihan
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