August- 1999

8/31/99 Football

Brian Griese has been named the starting quarterback for the defending Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos.  Ann Arbor News  Detroit News

8/30/99 Hockey

Former Wolverine Icer Bill Muckalt has re-signed with the Vancouver Canucks.  NHL.COM

8/30/99 Football

Taunt your heathen non-Wolverine fan acquaintances with Wolverine E-cards.  Ann Arbor News

8/29/99 Football

I've added pictures from Media/Picture Day to Etc

8/28/99 Football

I was at Michigan Stadium today where I had taken my younger brothers for a game of catch with a football in the big house.  First, the field conditions look great.  We had some rain in Ann Arbor this week and I was wondering how well the field had drained.  Second as we were leaving through the tunnel we ran into the team!  They were walking over from Schembechler Hall to the locker room in the stadium.  They looked like they were going to walk through some plays in the big house (they had refs with them, too).

8/28/99 Hockey

Junior Mike Van Ryn may return to the team this fall after contemplating turning pro.  Ann Arbor News

8/27/99 Football

Two of the UM football players involved in the K-Mart embezzlement case have been sentenced to 1 year probation.  Ann Arbor News

8/27/99 Football

There is a cool article in the current issue of Sports Illustrated on former Wolverine Charles Woodson.

8/26/99 Basketball

Former Wolverine hoops star Louis Bullock may have accepted cash from banned booster Ed Martin.  Detroit Free Press  Ann Arbor News

8/26/99 Football

New Wallpaper for your computer- a UMGoBlue.COM exclusive.  Wallpaper

8/25/99 Hockey

The Athletic Department has made the $2 dollar per ticket surcharge that season ticket holders have been paying the last four years permanent. The surcharge was initially added to pay for the renovation of Yost Ice Arena.   Ann Arbor News

8/25/99 Football

Senior safety Tommy Hendricks has been named a finalist for the Jim Thorpe Award given to the nation's top collegiate defensive back.  umgoblue

8/24/99 Football

QB Tom Brady, LG Steve Hutchinson, and NT Rob Renes have been named captains by the team.  Lloyd says that Brady being a captain will have no impact on his decision on who to start at QB.  Detroit News Ann Arbor News umgoblue

8/24/99 Football

Recovering kicker Hayden Epstein to play against Notre Dame?  Detroit News Detroit Free Press Ann Arbor News

8/23/99 Football

Former Wolverine Ty Law has signed the richest contract in the history of the New England Patriots and is now the second highest paid cornerback in NFL behind Deion Sanders.  ESPN.COM

8/22/99 Football

Dhani Jones and James Hall have been named as finalists for the Butkus Award which is given to the top linebacker in college football.  mgoblue

8/22/99 Football

New Poll- Make your choice between Tom Brady and Drew Henson for Wolverine starting Quarterback.  Polls

8/21/99 Football

The 1999 NCAA Football rulebook is now available. NCAA

8/20/99 Football

GQ magazine will be publishing a hack job article on Bo next week.  The article is written by a former Wolverine football player who couldn't cut it and relies heavily on conversations with Bo's estranged adopted son.  Ann Arbor News

8/19/99 Hockey

Former Wolverine icer Steve Shields is running a hockey camp for aspiring goalies.  Ann Arbor News

8/19/99 Basketball 

Former Wolverine Chris Webber continues to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Ann Arbor News

8/18/99 Football

Former Wolverine QB Scott Dreisbach who broke his leg in a pre-season game with the Oakland Raiders may return earlier than expected (4-6 weeks) rather than the 6-8 weeks originally forecast by team doctors.

8/17/99 Hockey

UM Icer Jeff Jilson was named MVP for Team USA at the USA Hockey Summer Challenge.  Jilson led Team USA in goals (4) and points (7).

8/17/99 Football

Current Roster.  Numerical Alphabetical from

8/17/99 Football

Former Wolverine Linebacker Steve Morrison has signed with the Detroit Lions.

8/16/99 Hockey

UM Icer Jeff Jilson scored twice for Team USA in a 2-2 tie versus Finland in the USA Hockey Summer Challenge at Lake Placid, NY.

8/16/99 Football

The UM connection paid off for the Oakland Raiders in their pre-season game on Sunday.  Tyrone Wheatley scored the game winning touchdown on a drive that began with a Marcus Ray interception.  Scott Dreisbach engineered his second 4th quarter comeback drive but broke his leg scrambling away from a tackler.

8/15/99 Football

Michigan is ranked #8 in the AP Poll.

8/15/99 Football

David Terrell to play both offense and defense?  Detroit News Ann Arbor News

8/15/99 Football

Update on Former Wolverine Tyrone Wheatley with the Oakland Raiders.  Detroit News

8/14/99 Football

Today is the first day of full squad practice.

8/14/99 Football

Lloyd Carr announces that the three football players accused of embezzlement are still on the team.  Ann Arbor News

8/14/99 Football

Photo/Media Day Coverage.  Detroit News Detroit Free Press Ann Arbor News Ann Arbor News

8/13/99 Football

Turf Update:  The new turf looks like it will be fantastic!  Even after a quick rainstorm today before Media/Picture Day the grass was firm and drained extremely well.  The players I asked about the new surface said it was much better than last year.

8/13/99 Football

Today was Media/Picture Day at Michigan Stadium.  Thanks to all the Wolverines who signed autographs and posed for pictures but special thanks to Dhani Jones, Marcus Knight, Ian Gold, Drew Henson, Tom Brady, and Lloyd Carr for staying a long time.  I'll be posting pictures in a few days.

8/12/99 Football

The UM Athletic Department has set up a committee to look into the number of tickets that people have in order to fill more season ticket requests.  Translation:  If you are one of the people who have more than four season tickets, no matter how long you've had them, UM is probably going to find a way to take them from you.  Ann Arbor News

8/12/99 Football

The newest issue of Sports Illustrated predicts that  Michigan will end up  #15 in the nation.

8/11/99 Football

Stories from the first day of freshmen practice.  Ann Arbor News Detroit News Detroit Free Press

8/11/99 Football

Injured kicker Hayden Epstein to return this season?  Ann Arbor News Detroit News Detroit Free Press

8/11/99 Hockey

Junior Defenseman, Scott Crawford has decided to transfer.  Ann Arbor News

8/11/99 Basketball

The legal proceedings against former booster Eddie Martin move forward.  Detroit News

8/10/99 Football

IT BEGINS!  Today is freshman media day followed by the first practice of the year!

8/8/99 Football

Former Wolverine offensive lineman Tom Mack (UM 64-65) was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  NFL.COM

8/8/99 Basketball

Former Wolverine Gary Grant has signed a one year contract with the Portland Trailblazers.

8/7/99 Football

Football Season tickets have begun to arrive.  They come with a letter explaining that most additional single game tickets requests have been denied.  On the good side, they did include a sweet mini schedule.

8/7/99 Hockey

Last night was the Annual Hockey Alumni Game at Yost.  A great time was had by all. I'll be posting pictures in a few a days.  Ann Arbor News

8/6/99 Football

Michigan is ranked #7 in the ESPN/USA Today Pre-Season Poll.  ESPN.COM

8/5/99 Football

Lloyd Carr spoke about the upcoming season at this Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon.  MGoBlue

8/5/99 Football

Former Wolverine Tyrone Wheatley has been signed by the Oakland Raiders. Detroit News

8/5/99 Football

Scanned images of the Commemorative National Championship Tickets are now available.  TIFF(607K) JPG(101K)

8/4/99 Hockey

Former Wolverine Icer (and Assistant Captain) Dale Rominski (UM 96-99) has signed with the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Ann Arbor News (scroll down to read story)  Congratulations Dale!!!

8/4/99 Football

Former Wolverine Tyrone Wheatley has been cut by the Miami Dolphins.  Detroit News

8/4/99 Hockey

Players from five decades of Wolverine Hockey are returning for Friday's Alumni Games at Yost.  Ann Arbor News MGoBlue

8/4/99 Football

UM working on getting an easier football schedule?  Detroit Free Press

8/4/99 Football

Another player has been charged in the case involving embezzlement from an Ann Arbor K-Mart.  Detroit Free Press

8/3/99 Football

Lloyd Carr says that he will name a starting QB well before the first game of the season against Notre Dame.  Detroit News Ann Arbor News Detroit Free Press

8/3/99 Football

Lloyd Carr has reinstated suspended cornerback James Whitley.  Ann Arbor News

8/2/99 Football

Returning QB Drew Henson's final statistics while playing for the New York Yankees Class A minor league team in the Florida State League:  .271 batting average, 36 RBI's, 13 home runs (led team) in 67 games.

8/1/99 Football

Former Wolverine Amani Toomer (UM 92-95) has signed a 4 year $11.2M contract with the New York Giants.  Detroit News (scroll down to read story)

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