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5/31/2001 Football

A top QB prospect has chosen OSU over UM.  Detroit News  Ann Arbor News

5/30/2001 Football

Former Wolverine Drew Henson has begun practicing after being injured by a pitched ball last month.  Detroit News

5/30/2001 Football

A detailed summary of the Charles Woodson saga to date.  Detroit Free Press

5/29/2001 Football

Performing  one their patented 'stealth' marketing initiatives, the Athletic Department began auctioning a dinner with Coach Lloyd Carr last week.  Hear about it?  Nobody else had either until the Ann Arbor News ran a story about it this weekend. 
Long time readers of this site may recall that I suggested that UM do this 17 MONTHS AGO but following true UM Athletic Department form they waited for Duke to do it first!

5/29/2001 Football

Last Week's Question- 74% of respondents say that they still want football recruit Kelly Baraka to play for the Wolverines despite his arrest for drug possession..  Full Results

5/28/2001 Memorial Day

Remember those who have given so much so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have today.

5/27/2001 Football

Ann Arbor News Columnist Jim Cnockert has decided to stop hosting the morning sports show on WTKA.

5/26/2001 Basketball

ESPN the Magazine cites Rumeal Robinson's free throws to ice the 1989 National Championship as a great clutch performance.  It also cites Chris Webber's time-out call as one the worst chokes.

5/25/2001 Basketball

Wolverine Mike Gotfredson will participate in a basketball tour of Africa.  Ann Arbor News

5/24/2001 Hockey

A new assistant director of athletic media relations has been hired to be the  primary media contact for the \hockey team.  [We'll see how long this one lasts...the previous hockey SID didn't make it through a single season.]

5/24/2001 Hockey

Former Wolverine John Madden scored a goal to help his team move into the NHL Stanley Cup Finals.  ESPN.COM

5/24/2001 Football

Wolverine Recruit Kelly Baraka has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor marijuana charge.  According to his lawyer he took a urine test to show that he was not a drug user.  Ann Arbor News 

5/23/2001 Football

Former Wolverine Charles Woodson was ripped off by his former agents.  Ann Arbor News  [Editor's Note:  So the agents who hooked Woodson up with illegal benefits ripped him off.  I guess that's what happens when you get involved with dishonest people.]

5/23/2001 Basketball

A Michigan recruit has made the grade.  Ann Arbor News

5/22/2001 Football

The Michigan Mystique is Under Attack.  Between the Tackles

5/22/2001 Football

The Athletic Department has announced that they will make more money than expected.  Ann Arbor News  [Editor's Note:  Real cute.  This story was published the day that season ticket renewals (along with a dramatic price increase) were due.

5/21/2001 Football

Last Week's Question- Only 26% of respondents say that their opinion of Charles Woodson has changed.  Full Results

5/20/2001 Hockey

Hockey Editor Matt Ranville's travel log and summary of the Wolverine's appearance in the NCAA Frozen Four.  In the Crease

5/19/2001 Basketball

The 5/21 Issue of Sports Illustrated takes a swipe at Coach Tommy Amaker (p.85)  The writer notes that Amaker dismissed bench warmer Maurice Searight for rules violations while at Seton Hall he only suspended star Eddie Griffin for punching out a teammate.

5/18/2001 Hockey

Former Wolverine Josh Langfeld has pleaded no contest to the charge of malicious destruction of property.  Ann Arbor News

5/17/2001 UMGoBlue.COM

2 Year Anniversary.  Between the Tackles

5/16/2001 Football

Recruit Kelly Baraka has been arrested for possession of marijuana.  Ann Arbor News  Detroit News

5/16/2001 Basketball

LaVell Blanchard has been invited to try out for the US National team.  Ann Arbor News

5/16/2001 Hockey

The renovation of Yost Arena is ahead of schedule.  Ann Arbor News

5/16/2001 Hockey

A highly regarded goalie recruit has decided not attend UM due to not being able to meet academic requirements.  Ann Arbor News

5/15/2001 Football

Pictures from the 2001 Spring Game.  Between the Tackles

5/14/2001 Hockey

Last Week's Question- 51% of respondents agree with Jeff Jillsons's decision to turn pro.  Full Results

5/13/2001 Football

Former Wolverine Charles Woodson may have accepted extra benefits from an agent prior to his junior season at Michigan.  THESTATE.COM  Ann Arbor News  Detroit News

5/12/2001 Hockey

Former Wolverine Jeff Jillson has signed a contract with the San Jose Sharks.  Detroit News  SJSHARKS.COM

5/11/2001 Hockey

Michigan goalie recruit may be ineligible.  Ann Arbor News

5/10/2001 Hockey

Huh?  MSU is looking into the possibility of playing Michigan on a temporary ice rink in Spartan Stadium next season.  Ann Arbor News  Detroit News

5/10/2001 Football

Times have been set for some of Michigan's football games for next season.  Ann Arbor News

5/10/2001 Football

Charges have been dropped against Linebacker Shontee Orr.  Detroit News

5/9/2001 Football

On Drew's Mind?  This week's Issue of Sports Illustrated (5/7/01, Play Now, Pay Later- pages 61-75) has an alarming article about the long term health prospects of pro football players.  One survey found that:  65% of former NFL players had experienced 'a major injury' during their career.  Nearly 50% of players retired because of injury.  It's a pretty shocking article... 

5/9/2001 Basketball

Tommy Amaker has completed his coaching staff.  Ann Arbor News  Detroit News

5/8/2001 Football

For the last time- Michigan won 't be playing a 12th game next season.  Detroit News

5/7/2001 Hockey

Last Week's Question- 75% of respondents think that the UM Athletic department should allow people to pay for their football season tickets with a credit card.  Full Results

5/7/2001 Hockey

Former Wolverine Mike Van Ryn has been called up to St. Louis (NHL)  NHL.COM

5/7/2001 Football

The 2000 season highlight video tape is available.  MDEN.COM

5/6/2001 Hockey

Junior Jeff Jillson has decided to turn pro.  He will join the San Jose Sharks (NHL) for the 2001-02 season.  Ann Arbor News  Michigan Daily

5/6/2001 Football

Former Wolverine Drew Henson has signed an exclusive one year deal with Fleer for autographed cards and game-worn memorabilia.  Pretty good for a guy who is on the disabled list.  FLEER.COM

5/5/2001 Basketball

The Block 'M' will be replaced by the word 'Michigan' on next season's basketball uniforms.  Ann Arbor News

5/4/2001 Basketball

Tommy Amaker has hired a new assistant coach.  Ann Arbor News

5/4/2001 Basketball

Former Wolverines Chris Webber (Sacramento) and Juwan Howard (Dallas) both move with their respective teams into the second round of the NBA play-offs. 

5/4/2001 Hockey

Former Wolverine Marty Turco's Dallas Stars have been swept out of the NHL play-offs by the St. Louis Blues.

5/3/2001 Basketball

Maurice Searight has been dismissed from the team.  Ann Arbor News  Detroit News  Detroit Free Press  Michigan Daily

5/2/2001 Football

Articles on Michigan's transfer QB.  Detroit News  Ann Arbor News

5/1/2001 Hockey

The CCHA has adjusted future schedules so that Michigan will play MSU 4 times a season.  Ann Arbor News

5/1/2001 Hockey

Former Wolverine Mike Knuble scored a goal in the US 6-3 victory over Ukraine in the World Hockey Championships.  ESPN.COM

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