1/28/06- Off-Topic  Phil Callihan- This Just In- THE LIONS STILL SUCK!
 Football- A Tale of Three Teams
5/19/05  Off-Topic- Move Review- Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith
5/14/05  Softball Photos
5/4/05  Don Canham- 107,502
4/23/05  Construction Photos- New Academic Center
/21/05  More Spring Game Photos
4/17/05  Michigan Stadium Construction Photos
4/17/05  Spring Game Photos
4/15/05  Are You Not Entertained? The Mitch Albom "Scandal"
3/19/05  Football - Lloyd Carr On-The-Record
3/18/05  Football Ticket Price Increase- You Better Read the Fine Print
2/2/05  Football- My Annual Recruiting Rant

1/23/04  Hockey- Pictures from the UM/WMU game

11/27/04  Hockey- Pictures from the UM/Notre Dame game last month
1/22/05  Football Stadium Renovation- Ann Arbor Michigan- Spin City, USA
1/20/05  Football- Season Post-Mortem: 1/4- A Look Back


1/22/05  Football Stadium Renovation- Ann Arbor Michigan- Spin City, USA
12/14/04  Off Topic- The Origin of the Malice at the Palace
12/7/04  Hockey Tour- Notre Dame

12/2/04  John L. Calls the Wolverines Out

11/27/04  Pictures from the UM/MSU hockey games last week
11/19/04  UM/OSU Prediction
11/12/04  UM/Northwestern Prediction
 Have you had a problem at Michigan Stadium?  Bill Martin wants to know.  Here
10/29/04  UM/OSU SBC Deal- Marketing Run Amok
/29/04  UM/MSU Prediction
/20/04  UM/Purdue Prediction
10/15/04  UM/Illinois Prediction
10/8/04  UM/Minnesota Prediction
10/1/04  UM/Indiana Prediction
 Blast from the Past- 1941 Tom Harmon Article
9/24/04  UM/Iowa Prediction
9/19/04  UM/SDSU Game Grades
9/17/04  UM/SDSU Prediction
9/13/04  UM/Notre Dame Game Grades
9/10/04  UM/Notre Dame Prediction
7/9/04  Preferred Seating Program- Part  4/4, The Leaders and Best?
4/28/04 NFL Draft- A Disappointing Display of Selfishness
3/9/04  Preferred Seating Program- Part  3/4, The Harsh Truth- The fine print the athletic department doesn't want you to think about
3/6/04  DVD Review: Rivalries- The History of Michigan vs Ohio State
3/4/04  Preferred Seating Program- Part  2/4, How did we get here?
3/3/04  Preferred Seating Program- Part  1/4, Benefits
3/1/04  2004 UM/MSU Hockey Photos
2/4/04  My Annual Recruiting Rant


12/31/03  Rose Bowl UM/USC Prediction
12/23/03   Detroit Lions- Off Topic-  This Ford is a Lemon
12/1/03  The 2003 Football Bust
11/26/03   Why Chris Perry was Upset
11/24/03   Lloyd Carr and ABC Incident
11/21/03   UM/OSU Prediction
11/15/03   UM/Northwestern Prediction
10/31/03   UM/MSU Prediction
10/24/03   UM/Purdue Prediction
10/23/03   Play Spotlight- UM/Iowa
10/13/03   Play Spotlight- UM/Minnesota
10/10/03   UM/Minnesota Prediction
10/3/03   UM/Iowa Prediction
9/26/03   UM/Indiana Prediction
9/20/03   UM/Oregon Game Grades
9/19/03   UM/Oregon Prediction
9/12/03   UM/Notre Dame Prediction
9/6/03   Game Grades
9/5/03   UM/Houston Prediction
9/2/03   Stadium Turf Report  FINAL UPDATE
8/29/03   UM/CMU Prediction
8/29/03   2003 Visitor's Guide BETA
/9/03   2003 Football Media/Fan Photo Day
7/4/03   Happy July 4th!
7/3/03   Earth Calling, Mitch
6/30/03   NCAA Frozen Four Make-Up Call
5/10/03   Basketball- Shame
5/6/03   Football- Stadium Turf Report
4/12/03   Spring Game Report
4/12/03   Athletic Director Bill Martin Needs to Resign
4/6/03   Hockey- Al Montoya Answers the Call
3/6/03   Off-Topic: The Detroit Lions- Still Pathetic
2/23/03   Book Review- Bo Schembechler, Man in Motion
2/5/03   Annual Recruiting Rant


12/6/02   Play Spotlight- OSU
10/30/02   Just Winning isn't Enough
10/24/02   Play Spotlight- Purdue
10/18/02   Play Spotlight- Penn State
10/11/02   UM/Penn State Prediction
10/4/02   Play Spotlight- Illinois
9/24/02   The View From On High
9/11/02   9-11-02
8/31/02   GAME DAY- FINALLY!
8/31/02   UM/UW Prediction
8/28/02   John Navarre- Time to Shine
8/26/02    A Football Visitor's Guide to Ann Arbor
7/27/02   Handshake Controversy
6/1/02   Trying Times
5/27/02   Memorial Day
5/20/02   Off-Topic-  Ford Field- Monument to Mediocrity
4/26/02   Painfully Out of Touch
4/11/02   My Plan to Fix Collegiate Athletics
3/29/02   Steve Fisher Dodges the Hard Questions
3/23/02   If The Allegations Are True...
2/15/02   Disappointing Hoops Season?  Not Really
2/13/02   Why Do Some 'Fans' Even Bother?
2/7/02   Annual Recruiting Rant
1/30/02  Yost Chants- Students have Forgotten the Point
1/13/02  Amaker Setting Right Tone
1/3/02  The Current State of Michigan Football


12/25/01  Christmas Wishes
12/9/01  UMGoBlue.COM vs Traditional Media
11/22/01  Happy Thanksgiving!  IT'S GREAT TO BE A MICHIGAN WOLVERINE!
11/4/01  History Repeats Itself- Spartans Cheat their way to Victory
9/12/01  Commentary on the events of 9/11/01
5/22/01- Football  Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown
/21/01- Football  The Michigan Mystique is Under Attack
5/16/01- Site News  2 Year Anniversary
5/15/01- Football  Pictures from the 2001 Spring Game
4/25/01- Football  Photos from the 2000 Football Bust
4/13/01- Hockey  Ripped off on Ebay
4/12/01- Basketball Tommy Amaker meets with Fans
4/3/01- Football  Lowered Expectations for the Upcoming Football Season? NO
3/31/01- Basketball  The Amaker Era: The Media Love fest Begins
3/24/01- Football  The greatest QB who never was- Drew Henson decides to leave the Wolverines
3/15/01- Basketball  So you want to be the new Head Coach of the Wolverines?
2/18/01- Football  A glimpse of the Wolverine weight room
2/14/01- Football  A heartfelt tribute to former OSU Coach John Cooper
2/12/01- Football UMGoBlue.COM in the News- I was quoted in Detroit News Columnist Terry Foster's Inside the Game feature.  Detroit News  Here is the complete unedited response:  Here
2/8/01- Football  My annual rant on the hype surrounding recruiting
1/22/01- Off-Topic  Retired Tiger 2nd Baseman Lou Whitaker gets punished for not being friendly with the media
1/21/01- Football  Here is the letter that I sent to the athletic department in response to the football season ticket holder survey.  Here 
1/18/01- Hockey  Bank One Leaves Michigan Hockey Fans out in the Cold
1/7/01- Off-Topic  The Detroit Lions- What a joke...


12/29/00- Basketball $7 tickets for Michigan basketball?  If they didn't have any for the Towson game what are the chances that you can get them for an opponent you've actually heard of?  Read about my quest for the mythical $7 ticket.  Here
11/27/00- Off-Topic Ballpark envy.  I have it bad- Read my review of the Ballpark at Arlington.  Here
11/23/00- Commentary  Happy Thanksgiving- IT'S GREAT TO BE A MICHIGAN WOLVERINE!
11/5/00- Football  Former Wolverine Head Coach Gary Moeller has been named Head Coach of the Detroit Lions.  May God have mercy on his soul...The Lions announced the resignation of Head Coach Bobby Ross during a press conference today.  HERE  
10/26/00- Commentary  The departure of Bobby Knight
10/24/00- Football  UMGoBlue.COM EXCLUSIVE!  Presidential Candidates Bush and Gore debate the UM/MSU game
10/3/00- Football  Referees and 'bad' calls
9/2/00- Football  IT'S TIME, FOOTBALL HAS RETURNED.  Here
8/30/00- Football Thoughts on the current Wolverine QB situation.  Here 
8/9/00- Football Along with the season tickets Athletic Director Bill Martin has sent a letter explaining that prices will increase next year.  Page 1  Page 2   Bill claims that the current financial problems are not the result of bad decisions by the previous administration (Circle those wagons, Bill!)  Be sure to read my analysis of the football ticket price situation.  Here
8/7/00- Football Thoughts on the proposed 2001 Football ticket price increase.  Here 
8/5/00- Hockey  Commentary on the UM Alumni Hockey Games.  Here
7/12/00- Off-Topic Mid-season review of the new Tiger Stadium.  Here
6/22/00- Commentary The rumored trade of Drew Henson.  Here 
6/10/00- Football  Seat Licenses at Michigan?

6/2/00- Commentary  What does Detroit News Writer Fred Girard have against the University of Michigan?
5/17/00- Site News  1 Year Anniversary
5/5/00- Football Report and photos from the 2000 Spring Football Game.  Here
5/1/00- Commentary U-M President Lee Bollinger bails out the Athletic Department.  Here
4/30/00- Commentary What the problems between UM and Nike mean to us fans.  Here
4/19/00- Athletic Department  Report from the Athletic Department Garage Sale
7/12/00- Off-Topic Photos and my report from Opening Day at the new Tiger Stadium.  Here
3/19/00- Commentary  No, I'm not rooting for MSU or OSU, EVER!
3/6/00- Athletic Department The new Interim Athletic Director and the possible future of Brian Ellerbe.  Here
2/24/00- Basketball The NCAA investigation of Jamal Crawford.  Here
2/8/00- Basketball The possible reasons that  Tom Goss was  forced to resign..  Here
2/5/00- Athletic Department The reported resignation of Tom Goss.  Here
2/4/00- Football An enlightened view of recruiting.  Here
1/31/00- Hockey The Hockey Maize-Out for the OSU game.  Here
1/27/00- Football Revenge of the Wolverine!  Here is the result of a bet that I made with a Crimson Tide fan.  Here
1/11/00- Athletic Department UMGoBlue.COM in the news-  The Detroit News printed my letter to the editor criticizing their coverage of the official UM Web Site.  Here


9/7/99- Football UM Officials drop the ball concerning water at the Notre Dame football game
9/5/99- Football A clarification of the rules that came into play during the 4th quarter of the Notre Dame game
9/3/99- Football The Brady versus Henson QB situation
5/12/99- Football Pictures and commentary from the Football Spring 'Game'


Phil Callihan is the Editor-in- Chief of UMGoBlue.COM.  Phil graduated from the University of Michigan in 1993 and has been a football season ticket holder since 1994.

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